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Private Bank's transparency across IT and Cloud infrastructure

Private Bank's transparency across IT and Cloud infrastructure

Technology-forward private bank chooses IT Authorities and Netenrich to deliver managed security services to improve security.

Managed security servicesTechnology-forward private bank chooses IT Authorities and Netenrich to deliver managed security services to improve security and operational effectiveness.

When IT Authorities (ITA)—a Netenrich MSP/MSSP partner— demonstrated the art of the possible to the IT operations team at a private bank, they hit a nerve. ITA showed the bank’s IT team how they could have one operational view of their entire infrastructure with complete transparency and the ability to manage proactive security operations, and secure online services at enterprise scale.

The key value proposition of Netenrich’s Resolution Intelligence Cloud™ is the ability to “shift left” and reallocate senior analysts away from the overwhelming chores of managing legacy alerts and ticket-driven NOC/SOC activities.
“ITA showed us the depth of the Netenrich cloud platform to see and analyze all our assets, including digital Ops, NOC, SOC, and data analytics, in one consolidated view from our customer portal,” said the bank’s IT director.
“Before ITA and Netenrich, we lacked the visibility to see what was happening in our environment. Now, we’ll be able to investigate and analyze ops data across our entire infrastructure. We’ll also gain invaluable context and insights to respond faster to critical issues impacting our business.”

With the platform’s AI and ML automating L1 and L2 tasks and security data analytics providing actionable insights for faster, proactive resolution, analysts can:

  • Focus on high priority activities
  • Elevate threat detection and response
  • Advance key business initiatives like building a new GTM ecommerce platform

Another attractive capability, which interested the bank’s IT group, is the platform’s ability to scale and analyze all security ops data proactively and in real time. The ongoing practice of buying more security and ops tools adds more complexities that create new challenges. With Resolution Intelligence Cloud, organizations can optimize their existing tools and valuable data for immediate insights and actions.

“The potential for our operations to become more effective while saving time and maximizing efficiencies is important to us,” adds the company IT director. “The ability to automate and run data analytics with the resources and budgets we have just makes sense.”

Securing sensitive assets and financial information is business critical for financial institutions regardless of size. For the bank, the ability to manage proactive security operations and secure online services at enterprise scale are integrally tied to business success. For their customers, they need to trust, feel secure and have the best banking experiences.

IT Authorities and Netenrich will guide the bank’s secure operations every step of the way to build, scale and reap operations efficiencies.

“Many of our customers face similar security and IT Ops challenges when burdened by limited budgets and struggling ops personnel and systems,” said Jason Caras, CEO at IT Authorities. “We work closely to find the right solution and Netenrich’s platform is integral to scaling digital operations.”

Reach out to see how we can scale and optimize your digital operations.

Contact ITA visit and Netenrich visit for an assessment.


About IT Authorities

IT Authorities is an award-winning, globally ranked Managed Services Provider (MSP), Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), and Cloud Services Provider (CSP) in operation since 2006. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, IT Authorities is a WidePoint company serving clients in a wide range of industries across North America.

For more information, visit and their NOC-as-a-service.



About Netenrich

Netenrich boosts the effectiveness of organizations’ security and digital operations so they can avoid disruption and preempt risk. Its Resolution Intelligence Cloud™ is a native SaaS data analytics platform for managing secure operations. Resolution Intelligence uses advanced analytics and machine learning to transform security and operations data into intelligence that organizations can act on before critical issues occur. More than 3,000 customers and managed services providers rely on Netenrich to deliver secure operations at scale and speed.



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