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ITOps transformation for an auto company

ITOps transformation for an auto company

Netenrich redefined ITOps (IT operations) transformation of an auto company to meet financial and efficiency target.


The client is a large automotive company that has grown over the years through strategic acquisitions. The client’s company provides technology-driven solutions for vehicle auctions along with an innovative platform to assist sellers and buyers of wholesale cars across the world. They facilitate seamless transactions for their customers located in more than 100 countries. The client owns a group of companies with nearly 10,000+ employees across the globe. They also have a complex IT environment with a unique combination of infrastructure, software, and network components.



Due to the nature of the client’s business landscape and continuous acquisitions, they lacked visibility into the increasing number of IT towers coupled with increased costs, hardships with resource management and allocation, and limitations with infrastructure optimization. Various business drivers pushed the client towards a change in their IT operations, but the key driver was the need for their IT team to emerge as a strategic partner to provide a competitive edge for the business.

The IT towers from various business units were operating as designated groups, who could not strategically align with the business operations. The lack of communication and the inability to collaborate with one another resulted in ineffective project prioritization. These difficulties drastically changed the position of the client’s IT team, which was proving to be a cost center rather than a function of business innovation.

The challenges faced by the client are summarized below:

The parent company was unable to find efficient ways to manage the company's IT infrastructure and its day-to-day-operations.

IT teams were under constant pressure to reduce IT costs and to enable profit maximization for the business units.

IT teams could not facilitate collaboration among each other or in their engagement with business units.

IT teams were not able to support new business projects as they were constantly in a fire-fighting mode.



The client wanted to redefine the value and perception of their IT function within their organization by partnering with Netenrich, for their IT Ops transformation. They required an efficient reorganization of their IT function to meet financial and efficiency targets.

Netenrich's solution proposal was multi-pronged. It proposed to implement OpsRamp (previously Vistara), an end-to-end IT infrastructure management solution, to align the client’s IT services to its business needs. With a seamless integration to OpsRamp, the IT towers could either continue using their proprietary monitoring tools or switch to the monitoring tools provided by OpsRamp.

Additionally, Netenrich's foundational solution - Enterprise Command Center (ECC), enabled the client’s IT team to improve collaboration among its previously siloed IT towers and delivered a clear, consolidated single-pane-of-view to display alerts, resource utilization, and allocation.

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Advantages derived from the Netenrich engagement:


Events from different infrastructure components were handled by Netenrich, thereby freeing up the client’s IT team to focus on business outcomes.


Netenrich's solution provided tools integration, alert noise reduction, 360- degree visibility, as well as enabled the client’s IT function to become an IT service provider to their business units.


Netenrich's Shared Services team provided 24x7, SLA-based support ranging from event monitoring and escalation to full problem management and root-cause analysis.



The benefits of the partnership with Netenrich include improvements in SLAs, optimization of IT resources and a reduction in IT costs. These benefits have translated into year-on-year savings in IT costs, while the client’s revenues more than doubled over a period of five years. Some of the other significant benefits include:

360º degree view of the client’s IT landscape with SLAs in place for various IT towers
The client’s IT team is the FIRST TO KNOW about critical infrastructure related outages
Up to 30% reduction in noisy alerts, year-on-year
The client’s IT function is now positioned as an IT-AS-ASERVICE PROVIDER to its business units
Up to 30% savings in IT operational expenses



Netenrich is the partner you need to simplify, control, and optimize existing and new technological frameworks. Netenrich's services for network infrastructure ensure that these services meet the reliability and quality demands of end-users, through 24×7 monitoring and proactive management of every component in their network infrastructure. We leverage certified networking expertise, as well as advanced tools and methodologies to ensure zero network outages and business continuity for partners and clients.

It means we’ve industrialized the services you need, down to a science. Costs get cut dramatically, automation becomes extreme, orchestration goes global, and your services improve exponentially. We do it like a factory industrializes manufacturing and that means you get the best product, every single time. We handle the routine, so you can focus on the remarkable.


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