The Netenrich operations intelligence platform is built from the ground up to help enterprises resolve everyday and futuristic problems for stable, secure environments and infrastructures. We put the best of machine and human intelligence—AKA hybrid intelligence—to streamline threat detection, incident response, site reliability engineering (SRE), and several more of your high-profile goals.

speed, scale, and resilience for your IT

See how our classification and context features power an outcomes-driven IT org for you.


Delegating operations to AI only gets you so far. Human intelligence that knows how to use it takes you the rest of the way.

We start with self-learning machines trained with research, investigation, and remediation actions. Human intervention for tedious, automatable tasks approaches zero, freeing your team and technology to achieve goals like SRE, reduced MTTR, lesser SME dependency, and unprecedented scale without the distraction of running ops.


Reduce human intervention to near-zero with self-learning machines (y)our experts train with research, investigation, and remediation actions.


Keeping cybersecurity front and center promotes a solid security posture from the ground up.

The Netenrich platform bakes in IBM QRadar’s industry-leading SIEM capabilities, then adds our own threat intelligence to uncover risks from misconfigured ports, public Internet vulnerabilities, and out-of-date assets.


Hit unknown threats from the public Internet with the one-two punch of IBM QRadar and our own threat intelligence.


From detection through resolution, the Netenrich platform heavy-lifts exploring and investigating alerts and threats.

Trained on problem context data and historical resolutions, our purpose-built tech reduces operational noise, scores problems by their potential business impact, and prioritizes for immediate action and remediation. Where new and additional data is needed, our cognitive AI interface lets you perform root cause analysis and patient-zero investigations in a matter of clicks.


Cut down operational noise, score problems by their potential business impact, and prioritize for immediate action and remediation.


Ops life on the ground can be swivel-chair, hairy, and unpredictable.

Our skills-based routing intelligence brings order to chaos by empowering your teams to act and collaborate in real-time. By de-siloing operations, and applying bot-guided recommendations, Netenrich promotes fast and accurate resolutions. Metrics are recorded for incremental and continuous improvements to service delivery over time.


Route real and potential incidents with our skills-based intelligence and bring order to chaos with de-siloed operations, and bot-guided resolution recommendations.


big data at Internet-scale

Making sense of data in near-real time can mean the difference between meeting customer expectations and losing brand credibility. The Netenrich platform unifies your ever-expanding sphere of data across multiple sources, alerts, and views. Built on a robust microservices architecture and big data stack comprising Elastic, Janus Graph, Cassandra, and Kafka, the platform supports Internet-scale analytics and on-the-cloud machine learning.

Insight-driven operations
Our comprehensive analytics framework surfaces actionable recommendations while reducing subjectivity and skill dependencies.
Always-on, customizable, and modular dashboards ensure complete visibility across all your Ops efforts. Role-based reports and configured alerts keep you updated on current, emerging, and potential threats, asset status, and team performance.
Learning on its own
The Netenrich platform learns from historical and ongoing problem resolutions, training itself continuously from analyst behavior and context within your environments.


asset discovery and multi-cloud monitoring

Reduce your risk of the unknown. The Netenrich platform enables comprehensive and continuous discovery, mapping, and updation of distributed assets and shadow IT. Single-pane-of-glass views reduce swivel-chair stress on your teams while flagging assets for next-best actions. Netenrich OEMs OpsRamp’s IT Operations Management (ITOM) for industry-best collection of asset metadata and alignment to ever-changing topologies---from enterprise locations to the cloud.

360-degree visibility
See all your hosted, on-prem, and network assets on a single pane of glass. Minimize inefficiencies from swivel-chair interfaces and gain monitoring transparency for asset status, performance, exposure, and risk.
Real-time asset discovery
Spot "situations.” Prevent problems. Stay in control---with continuous asset discovery irrespective of location, and actionable intel for at-risk shadow IT.
Multi-cloud monitoring
Monitor your public cloud instances with out-of-the-box integrations for Amazon CloudWatch, Azure Monitor, and Google Stackdriver. Our platform offers granular, end-to-end visibility with automatic discovery for 100+ cloud services across the three most popular public clouds.


that reimagines itself for usefulness, not hype

Say goodbye to poor MTTR, overworked teams, and alert fatigue with Netenrich’s AIOps capability that goes beyond the call of duty. We leapfrogged ahead of industry-standard AIOps with proprietary techniques that simplify problem identification, improve alert relevance, add rich context, and recommend remediation. ExpIore our refreshing new AIOps below for your problem resolution lifecycles.

Noise reduction
Our category-defining AIOps helps you decide which tickets you should act on first with machine-learning driven noise reduction up to 60%. Scoring and prioritization by business impact help focus Ops’ attention where it will do the most good.
Problem contextualization
Drill down with machine-learning enabled problem analysis from historical incidents and log data. Automatic scoring and classification inform remediation decisions with full context and deep insights into impacted assets and services.
Solution contextualization
Our true AIOps capability quickly finds root causes and recommends next-best actions and end-state resolutions for contextualized problems.
Agile ops by design
Netenrich AIOps’ Problem Resolution Framework identifies and recommends the right team for resolutions. Seamlessly a part of your workflows, the framework combines collaboration features and bots-as-scrum-assistants to aid in managing incident war rooms.


streamlined for SecOps

Bad things happen when security comes last. Help SecOps and researchers keep defenses front and center with Netenrich’s proprietary threat intelligence. Secure your operations end to end through our partnership with IBM QRadar, adding a gold-standard SIEM without the hassle of setup, configuration, and maintenance.

Threat intelligence
Stay a step ahead of known, unknown, and yet-to-be-known attacks. Stay in the KNOW with threat intelligence mined from surface, deep, and dark web data, public and private threat feeds, and cyber entities, auto-extracted for research, and auto-associated for unprecendented ease of investigation.
Threat modeling
Act faster than the speed of bad. Contextualize your signals with proprietary threat intel to prioritize and act on the most critical ones first.
Enterprise-grade SIEM and ITOM
Through our strategic alliances with QRadar and OpsRamp, we deliver integrated SIEM capabilities working in tandem with an industry-standard ITOM that’s found a home at the likes of HPE and Netapp. The result? Production-ready, OOTB asset monitoring, threat detection, and response capabilities like no other.


Netenrich adds peace of mind to compliance needs with certifications against global standards of trust and regular, independent assessments of our security controls for accessing, encrypting, handling, and managing our customers’ data.


Get peace of mind with a platform certified against global standards of trust and a robust assessments practice that assures you of enterprise-grade data security.


Streamline monitoring, AIOps, and ITOM with 140+ out-of-the-box integrations. Netenrich partners with leading technology providers worldwide and can accommodate custom integrations with homegrown or marketplace apps.​​​​​​​


140+ OOTB integrations and increasing to support data and workflows from tools and platforms you trust.