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What is reverse brute force attack?

The reverse brute force attack targets a common password instead of a specific user using a common group of passwords against a list of possible usernames. For example, a simplistic option such as “password” may be used to brute force a username that goes with it. As with normal brute force attacks, reverse brute force attacks can be used to gain access to a website, shut the site down, or execute additional attacks.


In Netenrich

Netenrich protects you from reverse brute force attacks through Brute Force Detection Models that allow us to effectively counter reverse brute force attacks via a powerful combination of expert SOC and false-positive detection. Upon detecting the attack, Netenrich leverages always-on threat intelligence to study the IP address of the attacker. If the address has a history of conducting brute force attempts, the criticality of the alert is increased. Following that our SOC team provides you with remediation recommendations for your ecosystem.