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What is IT downtime?

For organizations of all sizes, IT downtime means a decrease in productivity and negative customer experience, both of which impact the bottom line. To prevent downtime, it's important to understand the root-causes of incidents and leverage intelligent workflows to safeguard your organization. Human error and security are the top two causes of IT downtime. Combined, these issues hamper productivity, collaboration, and service delivery. Unplanned downtime is also caused by network or server hardware failure. When the servers that host a company's data, applications, and resources fail, it can bring operations to a halt. Typically, the hardware needs to be replaced or repaired. This can take several hours or days, depending on your provider and service level agreement.


In Netenrich

To mitigate downtime, you need an automated incident resolution platform to identify root-causes of events and address them in real-time. Machine learning-driven operations can lead to a predictive IT where system administrators are notified first about historical events and future predictions of unwanted service disruptions. It also enables IT teams to stay on top of these events and prevent downtime to curb user impact.