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What is Intelligent routing?

Intelligent routing in the cyber realm typically refers to the use of advanced algorithms and technologies to efficiently direct and manage alerts and notifications. At its simplest, it’s about delivering the right information to the right people at the right time while considering the criticality of that data. Crucial to cybersecurity and operational optimization, intelligent routing provides key stakeholders and decision makers with the situational intelligence they need to take appropriate and timely action to maintain business continuity and mitigate potential damages from cyber risks or threats. While the concept may appear simple, it requires complex data analysis along with a deep understanding of what different segments and industries care about and what parts of an organization’s business are most critical to execute.


In Netenrich

The Netenrich Resolution Intelligence Cloud™ platform offers advanced intelligent routing (also known as impact-based routing) capabilities to help organizations better manage risk and optimize overall operations. The platform analyzes vast volumes of data that it has ingested, at Google speed and scale, from a variety of sources — for example, across data centers, third-party systems, the cloud — to route pertinent situational intelligence (based on a likelihood, impact, and confidence score) to the correct group or individual. The platform promotes collaboration by facilitating the discovery, quantification, prioritization, and resolution of risks across cybersecurity, Digital Ops, and DevOps teams. This seamless integration enables cross-functional teams to work together efficiently and effectively, ensuring that risks are addressed promptly and appropriately.

Ultimately, a threat or impact highly depends on what’s on a server or system. For example, if a targeted server holds a company’s secret sauce, a compromise could be very impactful. If however, the server stores an organization’s cafeteria menu, maybe less so. Organizations can build that kind of business-impact information into the Resolution Intelligence Cloud platform so that when their teams get an alert, they know whether it’s mission-critical and something they need to act on immediately versus something less urgent that can wait. This intelligence also all feeds into the adaptability of the system in general as an organization continually determines and alters what’s most important to its business.

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