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What is a data warehouse?

A data warehouse is an integral component of business intelligence. It serves as a central repository for structured data. The data can be stored for future usage or immediate analysis and reporting.

Structured data is collated from one or more sources for analysis and reporting. It can consist of multiple streams of data from different sources like relational databases, marketing, sales and other transactional systems.

The data is usually correlated to deliver analytical insights into organizational performance for decision makers.

Benefits of using a data warehouse

  • It integrates consolidated data from multiple sources into a single database and data model with a single, central view. A single database and single query engine can be used to present the data.
  • Separate analytics processing from transactional databases and improve performance. The problems associated with running large analysis queries can be mitigated in transaction processing databases.
  • History and logs can be maintained, regardless of source database settings.
  • Maintain data hygiene and improve data quality. Flag bad data, clean up descriptions and provide consistent codes. Organize and clean up repetitive, redundant data easily.
  • Use a single common data model across the organization. This allows consistency across the organization, regardless of data source.
  • Restructure data easily, for all use cases across business users, across queries, without impacting operational systems.
  • Helps management with informed decision making.


In Netenrich

Enterprises must tap into the speed, performance and scalability of cloud-native services. Using cloud data warehouses for faster data transformation is a cost effective solution. Netenrich architects and migration experts have driven multiple successful BI implementations. We can help leverage modern cloud data warehouses to transform varied data sources into executive insights.

Resolution Intelligence Cloud

Resolution Intelligence Cloud™ is a native SaaS data analytics platform for managing secure operations. The platform uses advanced analytics and machine learning. It transforms security and operations data into intelligence that organizations can act on before critical issues occur. More than 3,000 customers and managed services providers rely on Netenrich to deliver secure operations at scale and speed.