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What is Cyber Threat?

A cyber threat refers to any malicious activity that targets computer systems, networks, or internet-enabled devices with the intent to compromise their security, confidentiality, availability, or integrity. These threats come in various forms, including external threats like viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and sophisticated hacking attempts as well as internal threats like a disgruntled employee stealing sensitive data or even, a happy employee accidentally clicking on a malicious link or opening an email that contains a virus. Whether external or internal, malicious or accidental, cyber threats can have severe consequences, ranging from financial loss and reputational damage to the loss of sensitive information or the disruption of critical infrastructure.

As technology has continued to change and advance, the risk of cyber threats has become more prevalent, and it is crucial for organizations to remain vigilant and proactive in identifying and responding to them.


In Netenrich

The Netenrich Resolution Intelligence Cloud™ platform applies advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms to identify, quantify, prioritize, and mitigate potential cyber threats. By continuously monitoring and analyzing network traffic, user activities, and a variety of other sources across digital infrastructures for suspicious or anomalous behavior or unauthorized access, the platform provides the actionable intelligence organizations need to appropriately respond to cyber threats in real time. With Resolution Intelligence Cloud, organizations can also implement robust access controls and identity management protocols to help ensure that only authorized individuals can access sensitive information. Moreover, Netenrich can provide recommendations and threat intelligence that will help organizations improve their overall security posture and operational efficiency.