See every risk to your attack surface.
In real-time.

Find and fix risks from misconfigured cloud servers, publicly exposed S3 instances, leaked credentials, expired domains and certificates, open ports, obscure vulnerabilities, and more.

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Continuous, non-intrusive monitoring

Total attack surface coverage

75% less spend than pen testing

Stay ahead of the bad guys…

Get uncompromising, always-on defense against targeted, opportunistic offense with ASI from Netenrich. Driven by AI and powered by experts, ASI monitors your public infra and assets non-intrusively and offers next best actions to mitigate digital risks 24X7.

See what
you’re m ssing.

For 30 days.

No credit cards. No commitments. Maybe a call from our sales guy. Maybe.

What you get when you say ASI

Discover all your digital assets.

Uncover risks you didn't know about it.

Identify all of the exposed assets in your IT ecosystem for a complete view of your attack surface.

Attack Surface Intelligence automates round-the-clock scans of your infra non-intrusively, lets you see what hackers see before they do, and helps in mitigating the most critical risks proactively.

Powered by AI

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Detect and prioritize risks.

We highlight risks that matter the most.

ASI automatically evaluates and prioritizes your current external risks so you can fix high priority ones immediately.

Take strategic calls with our analysts for recurrent high-priority risks and fix them forever.

Powered by AI

Backed by experts

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Detect and prioritize risks.

We highlight risks that matter the most.

Remediate before risks become problem.

Easier than figuring out your coffee machine.

ASI features real-time dashboards, periodic reports and proactive recommendations that includes observable evidence, easy-to-read impact analyses, and step-by-step remediation guides.

When you need more help, collaborate with our security analyst, right off of the same screen you are looking at.

Powered by AI

Reviewed by experts

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People talk

Eric Parizo

Omdia , Senior Analyst

Netenrich’s new attack surface intelligence solution helps enterprises overcome secops obstacles by turning insights into resolutions with efficiency and precision.

V. Penmetsa

Director, SAAS Operations

It’s impossible to validate external risk manually as the network scales, so ASI plays a critical role in letting us see the real-time impact of what’s happening from an outside-in perspective.

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  • Getting started
  • Scope of discovery

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Do I need to install an agent for this?

The only agent(s) you will need to make ASI work for you are human. Ours, and if you have got them, yours. Discovery of risks, their prioritization, and mapping them to assets is totally agentless, continuous, outside-in, and real-time.

How long before I start seeing my risks?

The first scan takes us a little bit, but not more than two three business days at most. This is after you get an e-mail from us your trial is approved and your account is being set up.

Can I add my team to the trial?

Totally. We want your whole IT and Security teams to see for themselves what ASI can do for you. Better still, let's schedule a demo for your whole team. Sweet, no?

When do I get an analyst report?

As soon as you start your trial. The first-run of the demo will include a limited report of some of your risks by our analysts. Your account manager or one of our friendly Sales reps will walk you through it in detail and offer helpful recommmendations for next-best actions.

Is risk discovery real-time?

For service discovery it's once in every twenty four hours and for brand discovery it's between once in 3-7 days

How will I get to know when you find new risks?

Not only will you get real-time e-mail alerts and in-app messages when you log-in, but basis the plan you are on, your Account Manager will reach out to you for high-priority risks and help you mitigate them quickly. For more about our plans and pricing, reach out to [email protected]

Scope of discovery

Do you also discover risks from vendors, say, SolarWinds?

We cover risks and vulnerabilities that ASI only discover issues related to misconfiguration or vulnerabilities which can only impact if the vendor's service is exposed to the Internet.

How comprehensive is this compared to something like Bitsight?

Bitsight focuses on third party risk management. That means you will be able to know risk posture with all the vendors your organisation is working with. Those primarily are basic web misconfigurations, exposed services. ASI, using attackers-knowledge led techniques, discovers all associated digital assets and identify misconfigurations, threats and unexpected changes in external facing infrastructure before they turn into breaches. It goes beyond infrastructure to identify brand mentions in various sources which can put you at risk.

How do you find all this information? How accurate is it?

It all starts from domain name. From there we

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