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Unify security and digital operations
Netenrich Resolution Intelligence®​

Netenrich Resolution Intelligence®

Resolution Intelligence is a native SaaS platform for unified cyber security and digital operations. With its holistic approach to secure operations, Resolution Intelligence gives you visibility and advanced insights you can act on, with ActOns™.

Leveraging Google Chronicle as an infinitely scalable security data lake and other sources like Elastic, OpsRamp, and more, Resolution Intelligence enables levels of effectiveness and speed that weren’t possible until now. 

Resolution Intelligence provides native multi-level multitenancy, rules management, and a single, intuitive interface for managing tenants. Optional Netenrich services include our expert threat hunting and rule packs you can white label, or build your own rules.

Operationalize security at scale

Operationalize security at scale

Resolution Intelligence gathers security, operations, and asset data into an infinitely scalable data lake. It codifies threat hunting with machine learning and automation to deliver curated, prioritized threat intelligence that correlates assets, users, and threats with the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

  •  Get visibility and advanced insights you can act on
  •  Focus on critical assets and critical data
  •  Bring in all your data without penalty

Hyperscale for security and digital ops


Service-provider scale for everyone

Security and digital operations are critical services for every business. Why not run them at service-provider scale? Managed service providers (MSPs, MSSPs, GSIs) and enterprises using a service-provider model within their organizations all need service-provider scale and capabilities to manage their customers (external or internal) who may have different requirements: SLAs, data ingestion sources, levels of threat exposure, critical assets, etc.

Resolution Intelligence has built-in, multi-level multitenancy and task automation to streamline rule-building, threat analytics, and case management for your individual customers and sets of customers. Optional Netenrich services include expert threat hunting and rule packs you can white label.

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“What if we can detect that something is not healthy, before it crashes? In partnership with Netenrich we are excited to… automate that work so that we can actually send the technician to go fix it before it breaks.”
Bradd Busick
CIO, MultiCare Health System

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