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Attack Surface Intelligence: See what threat actors see

ASI combines security expert and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver complete Resolution Intelligence.

Attack Surface Intelligence

Protect your brand with continuous, outside-in views of your attack surface and fixes to the most critical risks in real-time.

Security beyond the perimeter is tricky for the most sophisticated SecOps teams with billions to spend and a workbench of several security products. ASI helps start-ups, mid-markets, and enterprises, too, demystify security beyond the perimeter with enterprise-grade outside-in security delivered via our human-machine outcomes platform.


Know first to act faster than the speed of bad.

Discover your entire digital footprint be it exposed cloud assets, storage, or domains and certificates, then correlate such public exposures to known risks and exploits that hackers are using right now to target you.






Fix the most critical risks now and let those that can wait, wait.

Prioritize risks basis the likelihood of attacks and the potential impact to your business. Get automated risk criticalities and drill down into categories of risks that have the highest scores. See vetted risk factors from our own global threat intel plus recommended fixes, all in real-time.

Attack Surface Intelligence critical risk


Speed up remediation with on-demand access to our cybersecurity experts.

Augment your IT and Security teams with our experts to speed up remediation. Our bench of cybersec experts with deep expertise in fixing risks beyond the perimeter help bridge skill gaps and address the most critical threats immediately while recommending steps for long-term protection.






Measurably reduce your attack surface over time.

Quickly see your overall risk score in the moment, then drill down into trends data for the last sixty days. Get rid of manual checks with ASI’s automatic updates to your overall risk score by fixed and open risks within twenty-four hours of your acting on them.



I  Why ASI from Netenrich


Zero-effort onboarding

Start with just your e-mail address to see your attack surface in near-real-time. Bring in your CMDB data, plug in your cloud instances, and ensure you are always ahead of hackers in watching---and managing---your attack surface.
ITcredibility_Icon2 Continuous, always-on coverage

ASI continuously and non-intrusively scans your attack surface to discover publicly exposed digital footprint, unlike point-in-time exercises like pen tests and Red Teams, and bubbles up those that need your immediate attention.
threat-intelligence-icon Proprietary threat intelligence

Leverage our global threat intelligence, built ground up to work natively with our security products and solutions like ASI and ISOC, to prioritize risks and stay ahead of threat actors in your industry and geography.
hand-in-hand-icon Collaborative risk mitigation

Fix risks right now with our bench of cybersec experts via chat, e-mail, and phone. Put effective controls in place and scale your Security Operations with our ISOC solution at a fraction of the cost to run your own.


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