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What is Resolution Intelligence Cloud?

Resolution Intelligence Cloud™ is a native cloud data analytics platform for managing secure operations at scale. The platform transforms security and digital operations. Security and operations data is ingested, pre-incident situations are identified, and ranked by business risk. Extensive context is then correlated for proactive resolution.

Resolution Intelligence Cloud converges teams, tools, and machine learning to boost analyst productivity by over 80% while improving business outcomes. 

The platform automates low-level investigation tasks and reveals risky behaviors and pre-incident situations with ActOns™. ActOns are highly correlated information about events, assets, and users. Prioritized based on impact, likelihood, and confidence. ActOns indicate where to focus first to minimize business disruption. Analysts have a single place to collaborate with context and can act decisively with data.

Why try Resolution Intelligence Cloud?

Netenrich's Resolution Intelligence Cloud platform streamlines threat detection and response, site reliability engineering (SRE), reduces MTTR and lowers dependency for in-house experts. Our platform allows businesses to reduce operational noise, eliminate silos, increase collaboration and prioritize problem resolution. Users can focus on business critical issues, and speed up remediation while maintaining security posture.

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