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What is Red teaming?

Red teaming is a full scope attack simulation used by enterprises to measure how well an organization’s people, network, physical security controls, and applications can withstand an attack from the real adversary. In simple terms, red teaming can be said to be ‘ethical hacking’. Using this simulation, the independent security teams can test how well an organization is equipped to face real attacks by cyber adversaries. Red teaming identifies weaknesses in people, processes, and technology being used by the organization to simulate attacks. It helps cybersecurity experts to understand a hacker's perspective of your digital risk exposure. As a result of these simulated attacks, security professionals can plan and recommend solutions to strengthen an organization’s cybersecurity posture.


In Netenrich

Netenrich provides enterprises with an advanced solution in comparison to red teaming. Our alternative to red teaming is Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI), a crucial add-on of Resolution Intelligence Cloud™, which continuously scans your attack surface for critical risks and lets you know when something is wrong. ASI combines artificial intelligence (AI) led discovery with high-touch analyst reporting and remediation strategies. ASI is part of our threat and attacks surface intelligence suite, and it also includes FREE proprietary insights from KNOW – our free cybersecurity news aggregator and threat intelligence dashboard.   ASI is driven by AI and is powered by experts – a machine and human approach. ASI is on 24 x 7, and it helps your security team to monitor your public infrastructure and assets round the clock.