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What is POC/POV?

In the world of innovation and development, two terms often come up: proof of concept (POC) and proof of value (POV). While they may sound similar, they refer to distinct stages in the process of bringing an idea to life.

A proof of concept showcases the feasibility and viability of a concept or technology during the development lifecycle. It demonstrates that the idea can work in practice. Essentially, a proof of concept is a prototype that tests the core functionality and viability of an idea in a controlled environment before investing significant time, effort, and resources into its full-scale implementation. It allows innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses to assess the practicality, marketability, and potential risks associated with their concept. By creating a POC, they can gather valuable feedback, identify any technical challenges, and make informed decisions on whether to proceed with the idea or explore alternative options.

A proof of value, on the other hand, goes beyond just showing feasibility and focuses on tangible outcomes and impact. It demonstrates that a particular product or solution can deliver the promised value and potential benefits to intended users or customers. In other words, it is a way to validate the effectiveness and efficiency of a product before it is fully implemented or adopted. By providing tangible proof of a product’s value, businesses can minimize risks and uncertainties associated with new investments. Organizations can conduct POVs with pilot projects, prototypes, or simulations. Ultimately, a POV is a way to bridge the gap between promises and reality, allowing businesses to make confident and well-informed decisions.

In short, a POC proves something can be done while a POV proves it should be done.


In Netenrich

At Netenrich, we understand the importance of a successful POV when it comes time to choose the right SecOps platform and solution — which is no easy task. Our POV project approach is designed to deliver the critical support and real-time decision-making metrics customers need to evaluate solution capabilities and operational requirements; and we ensure comprehensive testing, value realization, and long-term planning.