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What is Operational visibility?

360-degree operational visibility refers to monitoring of your system's operations, readiness, availability, and performance. It allows you to identify fluctuations in metrics and act on anomalies quickly. Many businesses continue to act with little operational visibility. Additional tooling and infrastructure for metrics and logs don't always have clear benefits. They are not always first-to-know and find out about problems from their customers. However, some issues never bubble up to the surface because affected users simply go away without commenting on their experience.


In Netenrich

Unpredictable systems may lead to downtime, which leads to customer churn. Operational visibility is key to staying competitive in a hybrid world. With increasing visibility, you can track customer experience while monitoring system behavior. You can view if your assets are working smoothly or whether they have run into problems in a single pane view. With holistic visibility, you can improve the performance and effectiveness of your service by correlating factors, including incident propensity and security.