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What is firmware upgrade?

Upgrade firmware is used to fix existing bugs and protect the network from vulnerabilities. More than 65% of companies don’t know which devices to patch first. Even with the appropriate prioritization, manual patching slows everything down. Delayed firmware upgrades create a severe impact on your network and cause downtime. Devices like routers and switches that are not updated to the latest firmware version fail to perform. Consequently, device may underperform and lead to poor user experience.


In Netenrich

By automating routine vulnerability response processes and elevating staff to focus on more critical work, teams can dramatically reduce breach rates while making the most of existing staff. Ensure compliant status through a constant cycle of endpoint evaluation and remediation. Outages cost your customers. Our firmware management automates end-to-end firmware orchestration processes for any device across your network environment. Ensure a secure network with up-to-date devices while reducing the risk of fraud.