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What is EDR?

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions monitor end-user devices — computers, laptops, tablets, servers, mobile devices — to detect suspicious behavior, block malicious activity, and investigate and respond to cyber incidents, such as ransomware attacks. These endpoints are often the primary targets for cyberattacks. By leveraging advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence and continuously monitoring endpoint activity for signs of malicious behavior and anomalous activity, EDR solutions can quickly identify and respond to threats and minimize the potential damage cybercriminals can cause. 

Endpoint detection and response is important for organizations because it provides them with enhanced visibility into their network and enables them to take a more proactive, real-time approach to mitigation, remediation, and response. By quickly identifying and blocking malicious activities, EDR solutions can help prevent the spread of advanced persistent threats across the network. Additionally, EDR solutions can provide detailed insights into the nature of an attack, allowing security teams to better understand the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used by threat actors such that they can develop more effective countermeasures. Ultimately, investing in endpoint detection and response not only strengthens an organization’s security posture but also enhances its overall resilience against evolving cyber threats.


In Netenrich

The Netenrich Resolution Intelligence Cloud™ platform enables monitoring across a vast number of solutions and systems, including endpoint detection and response, hybrid cloud, network detection and response (NDR), users, SaaS apps, IDS/IPS, firewalls, and more. The platform offers one-stop-shop visibility for cybersecurity monitoring, detection, response, and resolution, eliminating swivel-chairing across multiple tools. It can also provide standard and customized reports on endpoint detection and response solutions’ performance and overall incident management in an organization’s environment.