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What is data insight?

Data becomes valuable when you translate it into actionable insights. Achieving these insights starts with figuring out what you want from your data, finding its value. You need to understand the context, need, vision, and outcome of your data, and create a strategy for turning data into meaningful stories and business successes.


In Netenrich

Data insights and analytics work together to better understand how your customer and client use your product or service. They depend on each other and on retrieved data to make the information understandable. Most importantly, it takes that information and puts it to work for your business, predicting how your customers will behave in the future. Visualization techniques can also bring your data to life and help during data metamorphosis into actionable insights. Numerical quantities only focus on expected values, but graphical representations can summarize unexpected values. A visualization tool can display unexpected findings in an easy-to-digest manner.