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What is Cyber Risk?

Failure in information services can put companies in the line of reputation damage, financial loss, and loss of business operations. A wide array of tactics can be used to exploit cyber risks within an organization, and some of them are:

  • Trying to gain access to security systems by deliberate or unauthorized breaches
  • Accidental or unintentional breaches within the company’s security systems
  • Poor system integrity resulting in operational IT risks

Effective cyber risk management is much more than just log monitoring, firewalls, and deploying anti-virus software. An enterprise should take a holistic approach towards processes, people, and products to ensure that they have a secured and resilient business. The cybersecurity threat landscape is continually changing and making the managing of cyber risks increasingly complex. Enterprises will do well to identify, prioritize, and remediate their cyber risks before falling victim to adversaries.


In Netenrich

Enterprises struggle to prioritize their low, mid, and high priority risks and many at times fight a losing battle due to lack of time, resources, and expertise. Netenrich’s always on Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI) and KNOW – cybersecurity news aggregator and threat intelligence platform provide state-of-the- and expertise to enterprises. This unique blend of machine + human intelligence, trending cybersecurity news, and insights from over 3 billion data points scored from the internet helps enterprises efficiently mitigate cyber risk.