Plan IT ROI and understand how does IT add value to business to increase productivity, enable cost efficiencies, and provide immersive customer experiences. Get better ROI by saving tool and staff costs, improving mean time to resolve incidents, and guaranteeing service level agreements.


Slow processes and lack of insights lead to poor service quality and customer satisfaction. But how can we use emerging technology to improve customer experience? Leverage Netenrich’s customer experience IT solutions to deliver operational intelligence for improvements in availability, performance, and reliability to reduce customer churn.

High availability

Ensure an always-on environment with a focus on maintenance, security, resilience, and reliability of critical IT systems and apps. Guarantee access to your apps and software when your customers need them the most.

Smart systems

Deliver optimal digital customer experience through real-time analytics to alert responders and automatically fix processes that aren’t working for users. Improve operational efficiencies, meet service levels agreements (SLAs), and furnish better services.


Step away from mundane tasks like processing alerts and tickets and focus on innovation and strategic initiatives. Align the entire IT organization to focus on optimizing processes and increasing productivity.

Eliminate inefficiencies

Embrace fluid workflows and ensure that your teams, systems, and tools are in-sync and dedicated towards the common goal of delivering business value.

Intelligent collaboration

Get started and bring the right context and insights into problems. Speed up your decision making with contextual and insight-driven collaborative ops workflows.


Increase transparency and accountability while managing IT costs. Utilize Netenrich’s IT cost management software to get the flexibility to be nimble and be less exposed to unexpected business changes. Optimize your IT spending to eliminate wastage and reallocate savings to critical IT initiatives.

IT cost optimization

Create a lean enterprise by minimizing wasted spending across your IT ecosystem. Get a comprehensive view of your entire hybrid IT landscape, from on-prem and multi-cloud, to SaaS subscriptions and shadow IT.

Incident management costs

When alerts and incidents no longer need human intervention, you save costs. With AIOps, we can automatically triage alerts and reduce the number of incidents that digital operations teams must manage and resolve, enabling you to save costs.

Implement managed AIOps

Adopt AIOps at scale, optimize organizational redundancies, cut down on human effort, embrace automation, and AI for accurate, measurable IT Ops performance.  

The Netenrich Outcomes Platform gives you unlimited scale, access to highly skilled resources, decades of industry, and domain expertise, contextual intelligence-driven platform, end-to-end security management with complete ownership of outcomes.  

Optimize spend on IT investments

Asses your IT and network investments, identify potential risks and compliance issues, enable predictive maintenance, effortlessly modernize your IT and network assets, and deliver end-to-end visibility for your IT Ops.  

Netenrich will heavy lift end-to-end ITSM and IT Ops services with blended automation to avoid tool sprawl, redundant IT investments, and enable large scale digital transformation with guaranteed outcomes and a reduced cost of operations (TCO). 

Operate with contextual, prescriptive insights

Make predictability the norm for IT Ops, do away with service disruptions, eliminate uncertainties due to volumes and seasonality, and deliver planned and managed operational stability with faster MTTR.  

Netenrich is your go-to partner for contextual and managed intelligence that is delivered to our proprietary Outcomes Platform. We will equip you with predictive, prescriptive intelligence, and actionable recommendations that is machine-led, but human verified.  

Jay Keating SVP of Services, GreenPages Technology Solutions
For our hyper-cloud operations environment, Netenrich’s multiple integrations to provide us a single-pane-of-glass implementation of IT Ops tools, cut out the swivel-chairing that we typically did in the past to use these tools.  The result was improved user experience, data integrity, and efficiencies for the team.


Get access to 140+ integrations and seamlessly leverage your existing IT infra for better ROI.