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Empower Your In-House SOC

with Netenrich Adaptive MDR for Google Chronicle SecOps



Are you struggling to realize the full value of your in-house SOC after transitioning, or preparing to transition, from a service provider?

Going from outsourcing your SOC to managing it in-house can present numerous challenges, especially when it comes to maximizing the value of your security tools like Google Chronicle SecOps and Chronicle SIEM. Without the right expertise and resources, you may struggle to effectively detect and respond to threats, hindering your SOC's performance and overall security posture.

The solution: Netenrich Adaptive MDR™ 

Netenrich offers a comprehensive solution to effectively manage your SOC operations and unlock the true potential of Google Chronicle SecOps and Chronicle SIEM. Let’s explore how Netenrich Adaptive MDR can support your in-house SOC while optimizing and transforming its capabilities.
  • Expert guidance: Gain access to our team of experienced security analysts and engineers who provide expert guidance and support to enhance your SOC operations. They’ll work closely with your team to understand your unique requirements and tailor our services to meet your specific needs.
  • Advanced threat detection: Our solution leverages advanced threat detection capabilities, including behavioral analytics and machine learning algorithms, to identify and mitigate threats in real-time. By augmenting your in-house capabilities with Netenrich Adaptive MDR, you can significantly enhance your ability to detect and respond to security incidents effectively.
  • Continuous monitoring and response: Benefit from 24/7 monitoring and response to stay vigilant against emerging threats. Our team is on hand to investigate and remediate security incidents promptly, minimizing the impact on your organization.
  • Optimization and transformation: By partnering with Netenrich, you can optimize and transform your in-house SOC to operate at peak efficiency. We help you streamline processes, automate workflows, and implement best practices to drive continuous improvement and maturity in your security operations.

Agile and continuous security engineering

Netenrich Adaptive MDR excels at the three pillars of security engineering: data engineering, detection engineering, and response engineering. These pillars are essential components of an effective security strategy, and our approach emphasizes agility and continuous improvement across each area.


Data engineering

Data engineering involves the collection, ingestion, normalization, and enrichment of security data from various sources. We understand the critical role high-quality data plays in effective threat detection and response. Our Adaptive MDR solution employs advanced data engineering techniques to ensure the integrity, hygiene, and accuracy of your security data lake.


Detection engineering

Detection engineering focuses on developing and fine-tuning detection rules, algorithms, and analytics to identify security threats and anomalies effectively. We employ a proactive approach to detection engineering, leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to stay ahead of emerging threats.


Response engineering

Response engineering involves developing and executing incident response processes and playbooks to mitigate security incidents effectively. We prioritize rapid and coordinated response actions to minimize the impact of security incidents on your organization.

The Netenrich difference

Netenrich Adaptive MDR stands out from other solutions with the following differentiators:

Tailored approach

  • We take a customized approach to support your in-house SOC, adapting our services to align with your specific goals, requirements, and budget constraints.

Proven track record

  • With a proven track record of success in SOC optimization and threat detection, Netenrich is a trusted partner for organizations seeking to enhance their security capabilities.

Scalability and flexibility

  • Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Netenrich Adaptive MDR offers scalability and flexibility to support your evolving needs and growth trajectory.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your In-House SOC

Don't let the transition to an in-house SOC hold you back from achieving your security objectives. Partner with Netenrich and leverage our Adaptive MDR solution to optimize and transform your SOC while maximizing the value of Google Chronicle SecOps and Chronicle SIEM.

Contact us today to learn more about how Netenrich can help you achieve your security goals.

Work from a common operational view

Siloed security and digital ops leads to gaps and inefficient duplication of tools, processes, and people. Resolution Intelligence Cloud provides a common operational view and situational awareness aligned to business risk. And it facilitates collaboration within and between teams.

  • Strengthen your security posture
  • Improve performance and up time
  • Boost analyst effectiveness

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Security Dashboard Netenrich

Out-innovate hackers with anomaly detection & situational awareness

Hackers are relentlessly innovative. It's futile to fight them with traditional, reactive methods. 

  • Identify unknowns without detection rules with advanced anomaly detection (think next-next-gen UEBA)
  • Be proactive with actionable insights from data over time, correlated and mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework
  • Identify and resolve what matters most to the business — stop wasting time on alert noise
  • Communicate across functions and coordinate response fast

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