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Run highly efficient security operations with more data & more intelligence

We hope you enjoyed RSAC 2023 as much as we did. To get a demo from our security experts and see if you qualify for a 30-day risk-free test drive, just fill out the form.


Get a demo from our security experts

Operationalize security at scale

Stop firefighting. Instead, protect what matters to the business and manage risk with Resolution Intelligence Cloud, a cloud-native data analytics platform with the scale and speed of Google Chronicle built in. Resolution Intelligence Cloud expedites your journey toward high-efficiency security operations so you can:
  • Reduce cybersecurity risks and costs with advanced behavioral analytics, attack surface management, threat modeling, asset intelligence, and much more.

  • Merge operations onto one platform to maximize visibility and effectiveness.

  • Get started blazingly fast with Netenrich setup and support services.

Security is a data problem

Resolution Intelligence Cloud solves it, at scale

Ingest all data across security and operations. Resolution Intelligence Cloud finds anomalies with advanced behavioral analytics, correlates alerts that matter, prioritizes by business risk, and provides extensive context for proactive resolution.

  • Fast setup: less than 1 hour to set up the platform, Chronicle tenants, and diverse data sources; terabytes of diverse data ingested in days
  • Fastest, most scalable security data lake — Chronicle — with hot data for a year
  • Predictable pricing for growth

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Resolution Intelligence Cloud for Secure Operations

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Why Netenrich?

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