Netenrich + Google Chronicle

Operationalize Google Chronicle
with Resolution Intelligence®

The Netenrich Resolution Intelligence platform operationalizes Chronicle to deliver insights and context that speed resolution, promote scale, and keep operations aligned to risk.

Resolution Intelligence is purpose-built for service providers with multi-level multitenancy, rule management, contextual threat analytics, collaboration, alignment with MITRE ATT&CK and cyber kill chain frameworks, and more out of the box.

Resolution Intelligence brings everything your IT, cloud, and security teams need to drive Google-scale insights and efficiencies across your managed services environment using a single UI.

Talk to us to see how you can:

  • Manage multi-level multitenant environments with a single UI
  • Streamline rule-building, threat analytics, and event tracking across your entire base
  • Act on what matters most, when it matters most, with ActOns™

  • Embrace fluid and robust workflows across your Network, Cloud, and Security.
  • Enjoy unprecedented performance and obliterate SLAs with ease.
  • Experience an unbeatable combination of AIOps + Managed Intelligence.