Seize the power of all your security data — without the alert fatigue

You can't detect what you can't see — so why limit security data intake? Chronicle ingests and unifies your security telemetry at petabyte scale, without penalty, giving you hot data for a year.

Using Chronicle as its security data lake, Resolution Intelligence Cloud puts real-time data analytics to work, correlating events from security and operations detection sources, applying detection rules and automation, and using data analytics to detect patterns that pre-defined rules can't.

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Google's infinitely scalable SIEM + Netenrich's advanced analytics

Resolution Intelligence Cloud operationalizes Chronicle, providing layers of usability, rules management, multi-level multitenancy, RBAC, SSO, and more.

Resolution Intelligence Cloud delivers intelligence you can act on to proactively strengthen your security posture and speed response and remediation across your expanding attack surface. Boosting the power of Chronicle by correlating security, operational, and other data, it  streamlines incident response and speeds resolution with 2-way integration between SOARs, ITSMs, and ITOMs.

Act on what matters when it matters most

Instead of the barrage of alerts, know which situations require attention and when. Better yet, predict and prevent them. ActOns™ correlate events, tickets, users, and assets so you can act decisively.

What matters most depends on which assets and users could be affected, potential impact (blast radius), and confidence in the data. So Resolution Intelligence Cloud scores each ActOn’s risk based on likelihood, potential impact to the business, and confidence based on real-time data analytics based on your security data in Chronicle, your operations data, and third-party intelligence.

A single ActOn console shows correlated detections, user and asset data, evidence, MITRE ATT&CK mapping, and graphs, saving hours of research time. Instantly create a war room to collaborate on ActOns with colleagues and customers. Click on any event to investigate directly in Chronicle with sub-second search.

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Manage multi-tenant environments with a single UI using Chronicle
Publish, manage, and control rules for all, some, or one account from one easy-to-use interface

Manage multi-level multitenant environments with a single UI

Customer-by-customer management doesn’t scale.

Managed service providers (MSPs, MSSPs, GSIs) and enterprises using a service-provider model within their organizations all need service-provider scale and capabilities to manage their customers (external or internal) who may have different requirements: SLAs, data ingestion sources, levels of threat exposure, critical assets, etc.

Log into Resolution Intelligence once to streamline rule-building, threat analytics, and event tracking across your entire base. With multiple tiers of multitenancy, Resolution Intelligence lets you manage your customers more efficiently.

Resolution Intelligence platform insights

Get a common operational picture

Resolution Intelligence Cloud distills user, endpoint, network, and cloud data into a single view so analysts can manage detection and understand adversary behaviors, without becoming tool experts. Full transparency and long-term retention of telemetry reveals trends and helps keep operations aligned to risk.

Resolution Intelligence Cloud sits at the apex of a cybersecurity and digital operations mesh architecture that unifies and operationalizes MDR, XDR, SIEM, SOAR, and other tools.

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Scale detection and response

Resolution Intelligence embodies 12+ years’ experience resolving issues and driving efficient operations across 6,000 end customers worldwide. Tap into the right technology, tribal knowledge, and processes to scale ops and services without scaling resources.

  • Scale operations and reduce run costs
  • Speed resolution and time to market without adding people
  • Improve your analyst-to-customer ratio

Why Chronicle? Why Resolution Intelligence Cloud?

Chronicle and Resolution Intelligence Cloud have a lot in common. Both were built to help internal teams accelerate value and scale operations before being made available to partners and customers. Together, best-in-class security data lake and security operations analytics capabilities free service providers to transform, innovate, and scale digital ops and business at their own pace.

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