To Build Or Not To Build: Can SOC-aaS Bridge Your Security Skills Gap?

Join Brandon Hoffman for a SANS webcast on "To Build Or Not To Build: Can SOC-aaS Bridge Your Security Skills Gap?"
  • Thu Aug 27, 2020
  • 10:00 am ET
  • SANS Webcast
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Join Netenrich and IBM for a SANS webcast on “To Build Or Not To Build: Can SOC-aaS Bridge Your Security Skills Gap?

With cybersecurity threats continuing to grow faster than security budgets, CISOs, CIOs, and SecOps teams are left at a dangerous disadvantage.

Even enterprises running their own Security Operations Centers (SOCs) find the perennial shortage of skills, tools, and other resources stops them from realizing the full value of investments. Rather than struggle to find – and hang on to – top talent with hands-on experience across network and cloud security, mid-sized enterprises are instead opting for SOC-as-a-Service offerings. Mordor Intelligence expects the SOC-as-a-Service market to grow rapidly through 2025, a trend that could transform day-to-day SecOps sooner than expected while saving you time and money, and making it easier to hold onto your best people.

Join Netenrich and IBM for an outcome-driven look at this new approach. We show how you can determine:

  •    SOC-aaS ROI compared to building your own
  •    Scope/elements of SOC-aaS
  •    What goes into a best-in-class solution [HINT: superior SIEM capabilities are just the beginning!]
  •    Upleveling SecOps

Before you go, check out the slides from the talk.

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Netenrich delivers complete Resolution Intelligence to transform digital operations into smarter business outcomes. With fifteen years’ innovation across IT, NetOps and SecOps, Netenrich applies a dynamic mix of machine and expert intelligence across a wide range of products and SaaS-based offerings. The solutions integrate with more than 140 market-leading IT and security applications to drive digital transformation, mitigate brand exposure, increase efficiencies, and bridge skills gaps. More than 6,000 customers and organizations worldwide rely on Netenrich to gain increased visibility and actionable intelligence across their IT and cloud networks. The company is privately owned and based in San Jose, CA.

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Brandon is an admired CTO and security executive well-known for driving sales growth and IT transformation. He has led several successful initiatives to help customers drive ROI from SOC-aaS and elevate their SecOps.



Michael Spooner has worked within the ESA SaaS security team, focusing on growing IBM's SaaS business revenue within the MSP market.