The Resolution Intelligence® platform drives innovation

Grow your security practice

with ops analytics for service providers
Resolution Intelligence and SDM Insights

The Resolution Intelligence® platform drives innovation​

Grow your security practice

with ops analytics for service providers​

Resolution Intelligence and SDM Insights

Security is a data problem

Unlock the value of security data throughout your environment

Resolution Intelligence operationalizes Google Chronicle to drive insights and scale.

Resolution Intelligence speeds service delivery, resolution, and time to value with multi-level multitenancy. See and manage individual customers, defined groups of customers, or all customers from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Real time threat analysis
ActOn Data Lake

The value of Google Chronicle, fast

More data, smarter detection, faster response

Ingest all the data you want

Get actionable insights in near real time. Escalate or resolve fully contextualized incidents — called ActOns™ — to drive faster response. With Resolution Intelligence, you can:

Resolution Intelligence value for partners

Content analysis for threat detection

Speed delivery of new security services

Leverage Netenrich to bridge the gap between IT, cloud, and cybersecurity operations

Gain efficiencies across monitoring, detection, and response.

Be aware, or beware

Understand risk and urgency with Cyber Situational Awareness (CSA)

Resilience starts with good intel. With Resolution Intelligence you can:

cyber situational awareness partners managed security
Cyber situational awareness benefits

More and better coverage, less cost and fatigue

Modernize your SOC operations to add resilience and free up your people to focus on higher-value activities like threat hunting, threat modeling, and improving controls that safeguard high-value assets.

What top partners say

“We really see that bridge of IT, security, and operations coming together to be able to support cyber risk management. So for us, cyber risk management is the greatest path of opportunity.”
Henry Fleches

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