Managed IT services
Modernize, monetize, repeat

Expand your portfolio of network and hybrid cloud operations services

Your customers need to operate with cyber resilience across modern hybrid networks and multicloud environments.

Resolution Intelligence creates a multi-level multitenant foundation for building managed network infrastructure and cloud operations into your service portfolio, so you can:

  • Accelerate & enhance service delivery
  • Unify data across all environments
  • Resolve issues faster
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It's all infrastructure

It's all infrastructure

Run everything in one place

Meet commitments, avoid complexities. With Netenrich, you get 100% visibility into multicloud, SaaS, PaaS, and underlying dependencies across your entire infrastructure.

Use Resolution Intelligence to build and deliver services backed by world-class network and hybrid cloud infrastructure management. Resolution Intelligence automatically:

  • Centralizes delivery across regions
  • Manages networks (on-prem, SDN, cloud), data centers, co-lo facilities
  • Configures and updates tools
  • Boosts IT operations scale and efficiency

Deliver on the promise of cloud

Make going to the cloud easier

Offer hybrid managed IT services under one easy umbrella, and help your customers transform and migrate successfully — without making life more complicated.

  • Manage cloud instances on Azure, AWS, GCP, PaaS
  • Automate provisioning
  • Lead big data initiatives
  • Optimize usage, configuration, cost across all environments
  • Unify monitoring, diagnosis, reporting for storage infrastructure
  • Promote rapid innovation
Modernize, monetize, repeat
Modernize, monetize, repeat

Build a winning portfolio

Increase your value and improve your customer experience

See beyond your hybrid network and cloud infrastructure to measure the experience of every customer on every app, device, and network. With Resolution Intelligence, you get:

  • 24×7 monitoring across all platforms
  • Visualize, troubleshoot, analyze your entire environment
  • Enhance value of digital experience monitoring (DEM), APM
Resolution Intelligence

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Resolution Intelligence?”

Scale at your own pace

Bundle the Netenrich platform into your services as much or as little as you need to attract and grow customer engagements. The more Resolution Intelligence does, the less your ops team has to do, and the faster issues get resolved.

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Ron Dupler
CEO, GreenPages

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