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What is TDR?

With an expanding threat landscape, it’s become increasingly important for organizations to have robust threat detection and response (TDR) solutions and processes in place to identify situations that could pose a risk to business. In the realm of cybersecurity, threat detection can involve monitoring and analyzing network traffic, system logs, and user behavior and using machine learning algorithms to identify any suspicious activities or potential breaches.

Once a threat is detected, response may involve isolating affected systems, implementing security patches, or shoring up security gaps and vulnerabilities. This proactive approach can help prevent cyberattacks and minimize the impact of security incidents. With today’s advanced technologies and sophisticated algorithms, threat detection and response has become more effective and efficient, providing organizations with early warnings, and enabling them to hasten response to potential business-impacting threats.


In Netenrich

Powered by machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, the Resolution Intelligence Cloud platform can quickly identify, quantify, and prioritize risk so that organizations can quickly and appropriately respond to suspicious activities and anomalies. By leveraging the platform, security teams can streamline their processes, take immediate action to mitigate high-priority risks, and enhance their overall security posture to protect what matters most to their business.

The Resolution Intelligence Cloud™ platform is designed to help organizations detect and respond to threats in real time by providing them with the intelligence and actionable insight they need to make informed decisions and act quickly. By analyzing billions of data points from various sources, the Resolution Intelligence Cloud platform can identify potential threats before they can cause harm. With its advanced machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics capabilities, this cloud-based solution can not only detect known threats, but also uncover new and emerging ones. Furthermore, the platform enables organizations to automate their incident response processes for faster and more efficient resolution.