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What is Software-defined network monitoring?

Software-defined monitoring oversees the traffic in a virtualized network. Software-defined monitoring applications can be integrated with other applications. They also have the capacity to respond to current information about application behavior and requirements, status, network performance, and security. Effective SDN monitoring involves not only the software aspect of SDN, but the physical as well. It offers a centralized mechanism that provides infrastructure, network, and application monitoring. It also allows management capabilities across on-premises, hosted, and public cloud environments.


In Netenrich

Software-defined network management covers software-based traffic analysis, centralized control, global views of the network, and dynamic updating of forwarding rules, making it easier to detect and react to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Software-defined management may split application workloads across virtual machines that can be moved across the data center, or spun up and down. Netenrich lets you dig deeper into device behavior with granular insights and uncover performance blind spots.