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What is risk operations?

Risk operations (RiskOps) is the practice of identifying and assessing potential risks and hazards, understanding their potential impact to the business, developing risk mitigation strategies, and implementing measures to prevent or minimize impact. The goal of risk operations is to provide a structured framework that can help ensure an organization operates in a safe, secure, and efficient manner while also remaining in compliance with industry and/or government regulations. By implementing a comprehensive and proactive risk operations strategy, organizations can minimize the likelihood of operational disruptions and protect their assets, reputation, customers, and bottom line. This includes identifying potential risks in different areas, such as financial, operational, legal, and reputational risks.

By effectively managing risks, organizations can enhance their overall performance and ensure a secure and stable future. Risk operations requires careful planning, thorough analysis, and the implementation of appropriate risk management techniques to safeguard the organization’s interests, build cyber resilience, and optimize business success.


In Netenrich

Netenrich takes a RiskOps-driven approach that positions security and digital operations around a proactive metric called Mean Time to Compromise (MTTC). With Resolution Intelligence Cloud™, organizations can better quantify the probability of attacks on high-value assets so that teams can prioritize risk and response, slow or disrupt attacks, and drive alignment across ops organizations. The platform analyzes massive amounts of data from various sources to proactively prioritize and help mitigate risks before they escalate. Furthermore, this intelligent cloud-native solution offers a comprehensive view of the risk landscape, enabling businesses to gain the necessary visibility and situational awareness to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively.