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What is a data lake?

A data lake is a unified repository that stores big data from multiple sources in its raw format. It can include structured, semi-structured, unstructured, and binary data. This allows data to be stored in a flexible format for later use, and helps data scientists analyze it faster and more accurately.

A data lake has some unique advantages. It's a highly scalable and secure platform that any enterprise can leverage to consolidate their data from multiple sources. The data lake can ingest data from on-prem, cloud or edge-computing systems regardless of format, language or application.


In Netenrich

We can help you build, assess, and utilize data lake environments to avoid wasted time and effort on failed implementations. Our experts can help you design data lake architecture, understand specifications for centers of competency and organizational models, governance, security, authentication and auditing, configuration, and performance optimization, and help you manage and govern your data efficiently.
For example, if you’re struggling to maintain a clean and efficient security data lake due to drift, you’re not alone. Many organizations find it challenging to maintain data integrity. They often find themselves spending too much time cleansing data, and not enough focused on proactive threat detection and response and SOC optimization and transformation.
With Netenrich Adaptive MDR™, you don’t need to let data cleanliness issues hinder your SOC’s performance and effectiveness. Through agile and continuous data, detection, and response engineering, our solution ensures ongoing data cleanliness and integrity for improved data quality, behavioral detections, and complete transparency.