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What is Cybersecurity?

Network and data are sensitive for any business, and security analysts go to great lengths to ensure complete safety from cybercriminals. The traditional approach of managed detection and response using multiple tools is changing due to the evolving digital IT landscape. Business leaders are now actively seeking proactive solutions, instead of being reactive to persistent and advanced cyber threats. Cybersecurity is not just about discovering and fixing vulnerabilities but resolving problems once and for all.

What is enterprise cybersecurity?

Enterprise cybersecurity is a complex solution that extends to all levels of modern-day business computing. The legacy approach of cybersecurity was to protect data at the local front, enterprise cybersecurity strategies are used to protect data as it travels from one data point to another on wireless devices, cloud servers, and so on. This means that enterprise cybersecurity is used to protect your enterprise's on-premises and cloud infrastructure. It also involves investigating third-party providers and securing growing numbers of endpoints that are connected to your network via IoT (Internet of things). 


In Netenrich

Netenrich’s cybersecurity is driven by AI (artificial intelligence) and powered by people. Here’s how we do it:  

  • Threat Intelligence: Netenrich’s proprietary tool for threat intelligence combines machines and human insights to help end-customers identify and assess risks. This threat intelligence platform is constantly updated and examines billions of data points from across the internet. Advanced threat detection and response using Netenrich's Resolution Intelligence Cloud allows you to identify events leading up to a threat.

  • Attack Surface Intelligence: ASI, one of the features of Netenrich's Resolution Intelligence Cloud™, gives a hacker's view of your entire digital attack surface by continuously understanding your digital exposure. It helps you identify digital exposure, prioritize risks to go after, and remediate issues before they turn into serious incidents. AI does the autonomous discovery of prioritization of risks and helps in investigation and solution recommendations. Cybersecurity specialists speed up prioritization and provide detailed recommendations to users.