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What is command and control?

A command-and-control [C&C] server is by an attacker to remotely send commands to systems compromised by malware. In exchange, they can receive stolen data from the victim right on the C&C servers. C&Cs tend to hide in plain sight by blending in with normal traffic to avoid any detection. Some malware can remain undetected for ages, stealing your data, and damaging your systems. It can communicate with its Command & Control center (C&C) to conduct new attacks after seeping into your organizational ecosystem.


In Netenrich

Netenrich's enterprise security protects you from these C&C servers. We receive preliminary data from the different network devices and data points within your ecosystem. When we detect a malicious program in your incoming traffic, we pull in data from our threat intelligence to learn about potential malware and its potency. The moment we detect something critical, our analysts enrich data with critical context. We then provide steps for remediation that correspond to the extent of potential damage to your system.