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What is autonomic security operations?

Autonomic security operations (ASO) is a new approach to security operations. It attempts to overcome the increasing challenges faced by traditional SOCs.

Cybersecurity leaders Anton Chuvakin, Senior Security Staff, Office of the CISO at Google and Iman Ghanizada, Global Head of Autonomic Security at Google are among the biggest proponents of ASO. They describe ASO as a combination of philosophies, practices, tools, and processes that improves an organization’s ability to withstand security attacks. The Google Cloud website describes it as an “adaptive, agile, and highly automated approach to threat management.”

Autonomic security operations use automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to improve overall cybersecurity efficiency. In security operations, autonomic capabilities go beyond automating repetitive tasks. ASO also intelligently manages resources, improves detection and response to threats, and makes overall cyber risk management more effective.

Autonomic security operations can accelerate SOC transformation, helping companies leverage their current infrastructure and resources. Modern security operations centers, unlike the traditional SOC, leverage automation and machine learning and minimize the need for human intervention. In the long run, they are more efficient, overcome the skills gap, and are agile.

Key capabilities of ASO

  1. Automation: For routine and repetitive tasks, including things like log analysis, patch management, and vulnerability scanning. Reducing manual efforts leaves room for other tasks, improving response times as well as overall execution.

  2. Uses AI/ML: To detect anomalies, identify patterns, and improve decision making based on very large and constantly growing volumes of data from security systems and tools.

  3. Resilience and self-healing systems: Can automatically respond to incidents, isolate, and contain affected systems, and proceed with remediation.
  1. Threat intelligence and analytics: Continuously monitor and analyze data — from logs to threat feeds, to network traffic. Gain enhanced situational awareness.

  2. Adaptive and dynamic defenses: Automatically adjust configurations and access to deploy countermeasures. 

  3. Integration and orchestration across all security tools and systems, from firewalls to intrusion detection to SIEM, and more. Get greater visibility, coordination, response, and remediation.

About Resolution Intelligence Cloud

At Netenrich, we've built Resolution Intelligence Cloud™, a cloud-native data analytics platform for managing security and digital operations at scale and speed. Learn how Resolution Intelligence Cloud can help your organization transition towards ASO and a modern SOC with:

  • Observability
  • Automation
  • Threat intelligence and analytics
  • Contextual insights
  • Faster resolution
  • Collaboration and prioritization

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