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What is Autonomic Digital Operations?

Autonomic systems or processes can adapt to changing conditions without requiring constant human intervention. Often, they can also include aspects of automation and self-management. Digital operations (DigitalOps) involves the use of digital tools, automation, and data-driven insights to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of IT and business operations. Combining these elements, Autonomic Digital Operations (ADO) is an approach that leverages digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), to create self-managing and self-optimizing models within IT operations.

About Resolution Intelligence Cloud

At Netenrich, we've built Resolution Intelligence Cloud™, a cloud-native data analytics platform for managing security and digital operations at scale and speed. Learn how Resolution Intelligence Cloud can help your organization transition towards ASO and a modern SOC with:

  • Observability
  • Automation
  • Threat intelligence and analytics
  • Contextual insights
  • Faster resolution
  • Collaboration and prioritization

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