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What is autonomic computing?

Autonomic computing refers to a machine, a device, or software that can operate with minimal or no human control, that is, it can operate independently. In addition, it is built to manage, heal, optimize, and protect itself automatically using autonomic systems. An autonomic system is characterized by “automation, adaptability and awareness” according to IBM’s 2001 manifesto “The vision of autonomic computing.

In terms of technology, and particularly cybersecurity, “autonomous” and “autonomic” should not be used synonymously or interchangeably. Think of a self-driving car that operates independently; it is autonomous. Now, if that car could also refuel and tune itself, it would be autonomic.

Autonomic computing has become a growing way to manage cloud environments and distributed systems. Autonomic computing makes it easier to build cloud-based systems that can manage themselves, scale easily, and automatically detect and fix errors, which makes autonomic computing ha growing trend especially among enterprises.

Key capabilities of autonomic computing systems

Self-monitoring and self-diagnosing system: The monitoring system checks on the status of all system components. Apart from correcting performance problems, built-in sensors can even pick up environmental changes, identify problems, and identify solutions.

Self-configuration engine: To adapt to changing conditions, the system can automatically reconfigure itself. It can repair or replace failed components, or add more resources – all without human intervention.

Self-optimization engine: It can identify and fix problems. It can also optimize performance by making configuration changes or adding new features.

Autonomic Defense: It can detect and respond to external threats and other risks.

Predictive Analytics: Utilizes data to predict future problems and proactively resolve them.

Benefits of autonomic computing

  • Efficient: Eliminating the need for manual intervention improves operational efficiency.
  • Agile: The inherent adaptability of autonomic computing makes for more agile ops.
  • Cyber resilient: Real-time threat detection and response combined with resolution improves security posture.
  • Scalable: Able to scale dynamically and respond to changing business needs.

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