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What is automate incident response?

An automated incident response strategy enables your organization to be in a better position to take strong and quick actions in the event of an unexpected downtime to limit its effect on the overall business. Automation expedites typical repetitive tasks and responses, so little to no human intervention is required to detect and respond to incidents. Automation in incident response also helps businesses achieve a reliable, round-the-clock available system. The impact of automated incident response can be felt in detecting and responding to threats in real-time. For instance, alerts and threats can be effectively handled without any human intervention.


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From gathering, contextualizing, and correlating alerts to following set processes and remediating incidents, automation eliminates the need for analysts to comb through hundreds of alerts daily manually. With automation, analysts can devote their time to working on critical and less repetitive tasks. Automated incident management also speeds up the decision-making process in the event of unplanned downtime. Further, it ensures that the right decision-makers for every action are clearly established, defined, and automatically engaged when required.