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What is alert noise?

Alert noise is listed as one of the biggest problems faced by DevOps teams. 79% of IT Ops personnel listed reduction in alert noise as one of their top priorities. False alarms pull time and resources away from issues that truly need to be addressed. It is compounded if you're receiving false alerts at the same time as the right alerts. Companies often fail to set up alert dependencies in their monitoring systems. It leads to a noisy environment. In case you have configured your monitoring systems to check system availability, if unacknowledged, it could lead to separate alert alarms for every outage. Multiply that by monitoring rules, related configurations, erroneous alerts, and services to add to the noise. And this is true for only one monitoring tool.


In Netenrich

Most companies use multiple monitoring tools. But at Netenrich, we avoid the concept of 'multi' and try to bring everything under automated workflows. The most effective way to cut through the noise is baselining abnormalities, IT process automation, and algorithmic notifications on the right signals.