Improve performance monitoring

More uptime, better performance

Improve operations performance with both real user monitoring (RUM) and synthetic monitoring. See in real-time your end-user experience and proactively track down performance issues with browser-based synthetic simulations.

Digital Operations

Manage your hybrid cloud environment with less

Fewer tools, less stress

Digital ops is increasingly complex, leading to the need for more tools and more people. With Resolution Intelligence, you can manage on-premise and private cloud alongside public cloud deployments on a single, unified platform for secure operations. Gain visibility and control across environments to increase efficiency and reduce 

Improve cloud monitoring in minutes

Monitor cloud workloads with non-intrusive, agentless, one-click deployable templates that auto-discover and monitor ephemeral assets as soon as they are spun up without additional configuration.

Digital Operations Solution
Digital Operations

Know your network's impact on customer experience

Use built-in multi-vendor network monitoring templates

Track key network metrics–traffic, latency, bandwidth utilization, performance–among the many performance counters and understand your network behavior.

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Deliver on the promise of cloud

Without the headaches

Everything is moving to the cloud, but it hasn’t been easy for digital ops. Resolution Intelligence makes hybrid IT a lot easier to manage while promoting rapid innovation.

  • Manage cloud instances on Azure, AWS, GCP, PaaS
  • Automate provisioning
  • Lead big data initiatives
  • Optimize usage, configuration, and costs across environments
  • Unify monitoring, diagnosis, and reporting for your storage infrastructure
Partner Managed

Build a winning portfolio

Improve your customers' experience

See beyond your hybrid infra to measure the experience of every user on every app, device, and network.

  • 24×7 monitoring across all platforms
  • Visualize, troubleshoot, analyze your entire environment
  • Enhance value of digital experience monitoring (DEM), APM

What people are saying

“What if we can detect that something is not healthy, before it crashes? In partnership with Netenrich, we are excited to automate that work so that we can actually send the technician to go fix it before it breaks.”

Bradd Busick
CIO, MultiCare Health System

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