Prevent disruptions and offload routine activities by leveraging advanced AIOps capabilities and managed intelligence for cloud management.




Comprehensive cloud visibility

Enable complete visibility on cloud operations. Get 24×7 monitoring and management for all platforms, security, network operations, and data processing needs, including process automation, to align with your business goals.

Control cloud components

Access industry-acclaimed processes and a cloud management platform that provides extensive control over various components and cloud technologies, such as virtual machines, storage, Azure network, AWS EC2 instances, redis cache, App services, SQL workloads, Storage, VPCs, RDS workloads, IAM, and cloud security.

Manage distributed environments

Experience a brand-new approach to hybrid and multi-cloud management with consistent provisioning, access control, capacity management, performance analysis, billing, and cost control. Cloud management services to optimize usage, configurations, and costs across multi-cloud environments including AWS, VMware Cloud, Microsoft Azure, GCP, or OpenStack.

Move from inscrutable to predictable

Enable scalability, better performance, automation, connectivity, and cloud security needed to manage your private cloud at scale and meet all your business needs. Get predictable performance on a highly flexible, efficient architecture that is simple to deploy and manage.


Widespread use of public cloud can lead to poorly managed infrastructure, monitoring blind spots, and loss of control over the cloud environment. Businesses lack the cloud expertise needed to optimize processes and get burdened with wasteful infrastructure as environments continue to expand unchecked.

Cloud automation can provide autonomy to build and operate data systems. As workloads become more complex and require faster, dynamic support, platforms powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning can simplify public cloud management to be more efficient.


  • Businesses are taking all their processes to the cloud, straining in-house teams to adapt quickly, with a 410% increase in cloud adoption.
  • Lack of cloud management skills could cost businesses millions in revenue, due to the slow pace of adoption.
  • Cloud cost management, automation, and cloud governance are emerging as top challenges regardless of cloud maturity.

Cloud adoption

Identify cloud-ready apps, unravel complex distributed apps, and provide IT and business data to make decisions that drive business goals. Netenrich provides assessment and migration services for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Experience error-free assessments and migrations with best practices and a detailed migration plan for discovery and analysis of components, to map on-premise infrastructure and applications to cloud.

Optimize your cloud environment by enabling disruption-free migration and deployment planning, while scaling cloud-based server instances and apps.

Move VMs with minimal downtime, optimize Dev/Test environments, and use cloud-native tools to setup auto-scale policies and governance. Migrate data and systems along with IAM, VDI, security, policy configuration, and compliance.

Cloud monitoring

Monitor and track pre-defined metrics for all your cloud services. Integrate real-time discovery, single-pane-of-glass infrastructure monitoring, incident management, and AIOps, for complete control over cloud native services, legacy workloads, and hybrid IT.

Complete visibility into your environment with automatic discovery for cloud services across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Get to the root cause of performance issues and prevent critical incidents with integrations for Amazon CloudWatch, Azure Monitor, and Google Stackdriver.

Meet dynamic application demands with scale-ready IT operations. Handle auto scaling workloads with policy-driven and API-based discovery profiles and exquisite ops dashboards.

Managed intelligence

Elevate your cloud adoption, optimization, and governance initiatives by leveraging our experts, cutting edge tools, best practices, and central dashboard. NetEnrich handles end-to-end management for public clouds, so you can focus on growth and innovation.

Enlist architects to help with design changes and solution upgrades, to customize them for your requirements. Get advice on existing cloud solutions, or any future migration plans.

Reduce costs by ensuring storage usage optimization, identifying security vulnerabilities, and providing visibility into unused resources.

Policy-based cloud governance and management of shadow IT initiatives ensures that cloud resources are properly accessed, provisioned, secured, operated, and monitored, with full compliance.

Lifecycle management

Integrate functionalities of ITSM, monitoring, APM and log analytics, and change and issue resolution, with the Netenrich platform. Get a holistic view on health for lifecycle management of IT resources in hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

Get access to proven processes and practices, while assuring cloud security. Modernize systems and implement infrastructure and application innovations.

Support standard and customized SOPs executed through automated run books. Alerts from public cloud resources are validated by experts to filter false alarms, while actionable alerts are ticketed and documented.

Faster remediation of issues encountered during troubleshooting, as we escalate and coordinate with Microsoft Azure, AWS, or GCP support for any events.


Hybrid cloud infrastructure enables businesses to deliver apps and services with high speed and flexibility, that can’t be provided by on-premise systems. However, challenges such as automation, lack of agility, skills shortage, and poor visibility can stall cloud initiatives.

To overcome these issues you need access to expertise, understand where to place workloads, how to build infrastructure to support them, leverage native management and monitoring tools, external API services, and implement automated processes and policies, to create a cohesive environment with private and public clouds.


  • 81% of enterprises are using a combination of multiple public or private clouds.
  • 37% of businesses rely on the monitoring services provided by their public cloud vendors but they can only monitor and manage workloads running on that one vendor’s infrastructure.
  • The tight labor market and rapidly changing technology make it hard for enterprises to find staff with the multi-cloud skills they need.


Manage your workforce and on-going skill management costs that hampers productivity by shifting to a platform that is made scale-ready for people and technology. NetEnrich is your go-to partner for accessible, skilled talent pool and built-in process automation.

Enhance automation and analytics for hassle-free infrastructure provisioning, configuration, and management.

Enable automated provisioning of new virtual machines with components, containers, and templates. Automate service procedures and repeatable processes for established workflows that provision service catalog-based IT.

Bring the right people together to work smarter with AI-driven collaboration across tools, channels, and teams. Analyze incidents with expert insights and context, for efficient problem management.


Get visibility into hardware, software, and service dependencies across multi-cloud environments. The Netenrich platform enables a holistic view for multi-cloud, so IT can consolidate and prioritize fixes, perform audits, and unravel asset dependencies.

Identify infrastructure weak points to stay ahead of problems and reduce mean time to resolve (MTTR) with proactive service resolution driven by our highly skilled cloud professionals.

Visualize assets and interdependence in a single pane of glass, whether on premises or in the public or private cloud.

Reduce service outages with predictable change and configuration management, aided by the Netenrich platform.

Cost optimization

Manage cloud budgets by effectively allocating costs for chargeback, keeping an eye on increases in spend, and making smarter decisions. Get expert cloud cost optimization insights to increase accountability and improve multi-cloud efficiency.

Gain deep insights on how various teams are utilizing clouds with our dynamic multi-cloud reports and custom dashboards.

Reveal hidden cloud costs and monitor increases in resource spend across your multi-cloud environment.

Configure reallocation rules to distribute cloud costs among business units for effective chargeback or showback.

Security and compliance

Manage security and compliance across hybrid cloud architectures with the Netenrich platform. Get real-time insights, threat detection, and enhanced collaboration, to free your staff to focus on critical issues and add business value.

Improve efficiency and mitigate operational risks across your enterprise systems with patch automation. Enable centralized governance and consistent security practices for infrastructure availability, uptime and stability.

Implement a reliable and repeatable process for patch compliance and security. Get the power to scan, approve, configure, and ratify software patches before deployment.

Enhance your cloud’s security with real-time visibility into misconfigurations based on out-of-the-box security rules and custom policies.


Private cloud can increase IT agility, allowing the IT organization to quickly and efficiently react to changing business needs, yet it brings new management challenges. Even though the amount of manual changes is drastically reducing, complete automation is still not easy to achieve.

Businesses are struggling to leverage private cloud to enable streamlined and quick provisioning using automation and orchestration. They’re grappling with managing many processes and requirements while provisioning, including budget requirements, discussions with storage, network and server groups — and documentation.


  • 63% of organizations are struggling to manage the complexity of their technology stack ranging from simple servers to Hyperconverged Infrastructures (HCI).
  • HCI scalability and management functionality will result in 70% of enterprises running some form of HCI (that is, appliance, software, cloud-tethered) by 2023.
  • Deep integration of HCI with underlying virtualization engines will allow legacy workloads to run right alongside next-generation containers, all while leveraging the power of cloud.

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)

Leverage HCI to cluster standard server hardware to pool compute, storage, and networking resources. The Netenrich platform helps you add additional systems to extend pools of these shared resources, add more hardware for scale, and software which abstracts from apps running in the environment.

Enable unified monitoring for HCI deployments, converged infrastructure, and traditional datacenter resources, for proactive and predictive service impact analytics.

Analyze and map relationships between virtual machines, operating system workloads, virtualized hosts and service profiles, LUN-based storage, and data stores.

Leverage pre-defined automation scripts which can be applied across all your provisioning, troubleshooting and compliance management needs.


Manage virtualized environments by implementing a solution designed specifically for them, to ensure that you’re monitoring metrics and issues to keep up with changing requirements and can quickly scale as your environment grows.

Identify problem areas that can affect performance to determine contentious resources. Get access to dashboards, automated alerts and reports to manage critical metrics and parameters.

Enable comprehensive capacity management with automated notifications. Set up fail-safe procedures to ensure you always have enough spare capacity to handle host failures.

Handle VM sprawl and prevent your environment from being overwhelmed by virtual machines with best practice configuration management policies. Get detailed visibility into your storage subsystem so you can identify and eliminate bottlenecks.


Netenrich brings deep expertise in deploying containers, demonstrating mastery of Azure Container Services and AWS, along with the capability to scale and orchestrate applications using DC/OS, Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.

Containerize your applications and deploy them to Azure, AWS or in your private cloud. Get expert assistance to setup auto-scaling and recovery based on defined policies.

Leverage open-source tools to balance load within your container clusters and increase app performance. Our team tracks each cluster’s performance, identifies inefficiencies, and makes continuous improvements.

Stay safe at speed and scale, with regular security scan of all container images and malware protection for container management.


Build scale-ready IT to balance growth and innovation. Leverage our integrations, highly skilled talent, and built-in automation.

Enable IT to add value to your business. Increase productivity and cost efficiencies to deliver better customer experiences.

The Netenrich platform resolves everyday and futuristic problems for stable, secure environments and infrastructures.