Enhance availability and continuously optimize applications in your hybrid cloud ecosystem. Manage digital experiences by focusing on user impact, instead of alerts and events.




Increase application observability

Analyze applications and their underlying cloud-native components to detect performance degradations. Monitor scale, remediate performance and utilization issues, analyze existing dependencies, and increase productivity, cloud application security, and compliance.

Uninterrupted user experiences

Deliver incredible digital experiences by making user impact your top priority. Customize APM monitoring tools to analyze applications and hybrid cloud environments, identify bugs and potential issues, and meet performance standards. Detect and fix issues before they impact customers and drastically reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Convert to cloud native

Modernize your legacy applications to speed up time-to-market, simplify maintenance, enable scalability, and boost cost-effectiveness. Drive business transformation and build fine-grained, independently scalable micro-services.

Speed up DevOps

Bridge the gap between software development, quality assurance, and IT operations to improve operational performance and reduce time-to-market. Manage DevOps environments to develop, build, test, and deploy software across AWS, Azure, or on-premises.


Application performance monitoring solutions that organizations buy often include strong capabilities for proactive management. Perhaps due to the absence of the right expertise or because of the focus on firefighting, businesses tend to use these solutions for troubleshooting only.

Full-stack infrastructure monitoring can narrow down application performance root cause identification. Eliminate underlying infrastructure issues by leveraging APM tools to identify problems within the application layer.


  • ~$686,250 per hour: Cost of downtime from application issues for companies.
  • 81% increase in downtime costs since 2010.
  • Visibility across application tiers with analytical insights, integrations with existing APM tools, and expert guidance can help detect issues early, restore services, and minimize outages.

Complete visibility

Gain access to unified monitoring for comprehensive vision and the power to provide immersive and disruption-free customer experiences. The Netenrich platform helps you fine-tune performance and responsiveness for business-critical applications.

Assure availability and resilience with centralized monitoring of apps and infra across applications with custom monitors and integrations for existing APM tools, such as AppDynamics, Splunk, New Relic, and more.

Improve health of critical services and prevent disruptions with machine learning and expert insights for 360⁰ service monitoring, event management, and predictive analytics.

Manage application health and monitoring logs with standard templates and alert definitions, built over a decade of managing complex apps.

Resolve issues

Deploy, monitor and scale services quickly by instantly detecting anomalies, finding the root cause, and optimizing application performance. Get code-level visibility enhanced with IT operations insights including configuration of your containers, virtual machines, and cloud services.

Identify patterns of anomalous behavior and underlying root cause with our proprietary AI/ML platform to swiftly diagnose application performance issues.

Leverage APM tools for customized dashboards to manage infrastructure and application elements and their impact, for faster, smarter, and effective troubleshooting.

Highlight critical events to support teams and drive proactive MTTR management. Speed up problem resolution with automated event correlation, AI-based auto-assignment, real-time analytical capabilities, and guidance for remediation from seasoned professionals.

Digital experience

Drive revenue by evaluating applications to deliver seamless digital experiences. Netenrich helps you manage the user experience with the right tools and best practices, delivered by experts with years of experience.

Detect performance issues, pinpoint probable triggers for disruptions, and meet service levels with big data and performance insights.

Enable rapid onboarding with automated discovery and mapping of distributed app components and dependencies for a holistic view of your entire .NET and Java ecosystem.

Crank up rapid resolution for incidents by correlating alerts across various sources, enriching event context with expert insights, and getting the right teams involved at the right time.


Unlike modern applications, legacy software applications were not developed by targeting multiple browsers, operating systems, and devices. Modernization must identify and eliminate legacy barriers, discover ways to integrate and synchronize on-premise and cloud infrastructure, while seamlessly managing frequent changes in business needs by adopting Agile, instead of the traditional waterfall methodology.


  • 80% of an enterprise’s IT budget is spent on managing and maintaining legacy systems.
  • 60% reduction in time-to-market with end-to-end application modernization.
  • Cloud-native applications help deploy new features faster, with less toil, more predictably, and without impacting users.

Application migration

Transition to a modern, cloud-based model that helps you leverage capacity on demand and reduce costs via multi-tenancy. The Netenrich platform helps you build and operate optimized cloud apps that are elastic, easily scalable, and result in optimal resource utilization.

Gain complete insight into your current monolithic applications. Gauge their cloud sustainability with comprehensive application assessments and detailed migration plans.

Enable application rehosting, replatforming, or refactoring, with a scrum-based model to modernize apps and increase agility for development, operations, and change management.

Gain access to skilled expertise and platform-driven guidance for freeing applications from complexities and massive expenses. Transform legacy code and data and make your apps truly infrastructure agnostic.


Modern apps deserve a world-class modern infrastructure. Netenrich helps you deploy and manage containers with Azure Container Services and AWS, to orchestrate applications using DC/OC, Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.

Leverage open-source tools and our cloud expertise to balance load within container clusters for a dramatic increase in app performance while eliminating inefficiencies.

Containerize your applications and deploy them to public or private cloud for faster delivery and get better resource efficiency. Set up auto-scaling and recovery based on defined policies

Establish security, speed, and scale, with automated scans of container images and proactive malware protection.

Cloud native apps

Simplify application management with a serverless approach. Run abstract apps from functions anywhere. NetEnrich solutions for cloud native apps help in quick development, rapid deployment, continuous integration, and faster troubleshooting.

Decrease the time and resources spent managing applications through continuous integration and increased interoperability. Free up resources to focus on strategic business functions.

Improve scalability and availability with applications designed as microservices, packaged and deployed as containers, and managed through modern DevOps processes.

Deploy modern application technologies including APIs, microservices, containers, and big data integration to rapidly deliver apps that run natively on cloud. Our app experts have engineered resilient cloud-native apps for hundreds of customers.

Security and compliance

Manage security and compliance across clouds with the Netenrich platform for real-time insights, threat detection, and enhanced collaboration, freeing your staff to focus on critical issues and adding business value.

Get more efficiency and mitigate operational risks across your enterprise systems with patch automation. Centralize governance and security for infrastructure availability, uptime, and stability.

Implement a reliable and repeatable process for patch compliance and security. Get the power to scan, approve, configure and ratify software patches before deployment.

Improve your cloud’s security with real-time visibility into misconfigurations based on out-of-the-box security rules and custom policies.


Are your build, test, and deployment processes completely automated? Continuous integration, continuous delivery, and deployment are imperative for DevOps to minimize the time and cost of moving features from development to production.

Development teams can mature only when they embrace the cultural shifts, process improvements, and automation of DevOps. We’ll help you stay ahead of disruptions to deliver new innovations while modernizing current software and systems.


  • The average cost per year of a single application’s development, testing, deployment, and operations life cycle deemed wasteful and unnecessary is 25%.
  • DevOps-led projects are expected to accelerate delivery capabilities by 25-30%.
  • Streamlining software delivery reduces time to market, increases productivity, and helps you deploy features faster.

Continuous integration (CI)

Cloud has sped deployment demands exponentially. Continuous integration can reduce your exposure to risk, by addressing issues effectively and early in the development process.

Leverage CI to build, test, deploy, and automate projects with tools such as Jenkins, Bamboo, Hudson, Azure DevOps and more.

Free up valuable developer hours for adding more features as we drive in-process troubleshooting, resulting in lesser time spent debugging.

Automate operations to detect problems faster. Get immediate feedback on whether code needs to be changed so developers know about issues at the beginning of implementation, not at the end.

Continuous delivery (CD)

Continuous delivery provides an efficient and reliable way to implement software changes into production reliably and efficiently. We can improve product quality while increasing the frequency of new releases and organizational agility.

Decrease incidents and bugs with collaboration and daily integration. The chances of problems arising is reduced, and any bugs that do manifest are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Support complex use cases by automatically deploying apps, executing test code and assuring high quality delivery.

Enable consistent, stable, and secure SLA-driven cloud and local deployment services for collaboration between distributed teams.

Continuous deployment (CI/CD)

Automate processes and delegate to a CI/CD pipeline to free up developer resources, improve responsiveness, and reduce error rates. Netenrich streamlines continuous deployment, for quicker access to new features and bug fixes, while developers get instant feedback on changes.

Respond quickly to changing market demands by bringing up new environments and enabling rigorous testing, for efficient and effective CI/CD and DevOps.

Decrease repetitive and manual work while making processes more efficient with automation to boost your bottom-line value.

Experience faster fault isolation and simplified code changes, to reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Infrastructure automation

We can implement tools like Powershell for Azure or Chef, Puppet, Terraform, Saltstack, Jenkins, Docker or Ansible to treat infrastructure as code (IaC). Netenrich bring best practices to ensure your infrastructure configurations runs faster and with fewer errors.

Get access to cutting-edge DevOps infrastructure automation and orchestration tools as well as certified experts to automate and manage your infra.

Constant optimization for performance of deployed automation tools and complete visibility delivered through the Netenrich platform.

Best-practices-based repository of automation scripts with several use cases assimilated from multiple customers, makes it easy to deliver solutions faster.


Identify and eliminate blind spots across your hybrid infra, maintain SLAs, spot and manage shadow IT, and share actionable insights.

Breakdown traditional IT structures, eliminate wasteful layers, and mitigate IT skills gaps to bring order to chaos.

Implement AIOps to reduce costs, streamline IT Ops, improve MTTR, and provide incredible customer experiences.