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Accelerate Your Managed IT Services Practice

Think Beyond Tooling: Integrate Automation And Human Expertise For Unparalleled Outcomes.

Tanuj Mitra
Post by Tanuj Mitra Nov 11, 2020

As businesses recover from an unpredictable time, service providers must think different and accelerate their managed IT services practice faster. 84% of organizations are adapting to emerging technologies to address deficiencies in current operating models, so what’s holding you back? Evolving working models have accelerated the need for enterprises to move IT operations across to a managed IT services model.

Pressure on traditional working models has been exacerbated by changing market dynamics. Tackling security threats, managing client experiences, and staying ahead of the competition is getting harder than ever. Remote work challenges are also compounded by:

  • Lack of scalable NOC solutions that can address changing tech and market dynamics
  • Resource constraints, manual IT processes, and lack of automation
  • Limited ability to provide quality service on time and within budget
  • Need for hiring and retaining the right skilled resources
  • Higher run cost due to unoptimized processes that result in lower margins and profitability

managed it services

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The measures taken by managed IT service providers to solve the challenges aren’t enough!

Most companies end up with reactive measures. They spend additional dollars on resources and legacy tools (that add to tools sprawl but do not deliver on outcomes). The core capabilities of most tools in use today are irrelevant to modern-day problems that remote users experience. They offer little to no help in determining the root-causes of business downtime. Often, time is wasted trying to make guesses based on improper data context and incomplete visibility. Using the wrong tools can turn solvable issues into a long-term headache that significantly impacts organization productivity.  Service providers focus more on adhering to bare-minimum service level agreements (SLAs) instead of driving long-term business outcomes.

All these factors lead to poor visibility into IT Ops, high alert noise resulting in never-ending response times, and low IT reliability which translates to questionable credibility. IT costs run high, while time to market for newer services gets delayed, inevitably.

Think beyond tooling: Win by modernizing IT Ops

The year 2020 has underlined the urgency of enhancing operations with digital tools and capabilities. To stay relevant in an unpredictable world, a modern-day managed IT services model must provide fast, cost-effective access to automation and incident resolutions. It also delivers top-notch technical expertise required to master unprecedented challenges without high upfront costs.

AIOps at the helm of managed IT services


By enabling outcome-driven modern operations, organizations can eliminate blind spots to increase visibility across the infrastructure, correlate alerts with problems to reduce noise, and reduce mean time to respond. Automated workloads will optimize the use of technical talent. Consequently, managed IT services will become far more efficient, productive, and innovative.

Achieve higher margins with Netenrich offerings

Our automated event management, coupled with machine-led alert noise reduction, leads to a better workload cost optimization. Netenrich also helps proactively prevent IT outages and minimize downtime with always-on proactive monitoring. Further, we outline a winning story with our NOC outcomes:

  • 100% visibility and more than 85% first-to-know of unplanned downtime and outages
  • 80% reduction in alert noise and workloads
  • >70% increase in IT Ops productivity
  • <15 minutes average response time to critical alerts
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Do you want to find out how we’ve helped some of the largest and most successful managed service providers in North America realize over $3 million in annual savings on tools and resources spend? Netenrich’s Senior Vice President of Channels, Justin Crotty, shared a growth blueprint on how we can help you optimize your offerings to create more value and guarantee outcomes that matter. View our on-demand webinar to see how you can:

  • Reduce your Ops workload by 50% in 50 days
  • Set up a modern NOC and other differentiated services
  • Bridge gaps between NetOps, SecOps, and CloudOps
  • Accelerate time to market and grow revenues and retention
accelerate managed services for growth and profitability
Tanuj Mitra

About the Author

Tanuj Mitra

Tanuj is a storyteller whose ideas and snackable insights are in-sync with dynamic IT operations and modern networks. He likes to develop content that's smartly worded, clutter-breaking, and easy to digest.

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