Executive brief


At the NexGen 2019 conference, Ramsey Sahyoun, head of mergers and acquisitions for Evergreen Services Group, told the audience that establishing the value of an MSP business comes down to four things: EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization), recurring revenue, customer retention rate, and revenue growth.

  • Successfully impacting growth issues in the years ahead will take more than simply working harder with the same tools and processes. Making the leap to a higher business value will take a complete transformation in the way you have been doing business. While that may sound daunting, the rewards of a managed service provider transformation are well worth it: increased top line revenue, improved bottom line profit, growth in your business valuation, and a completely modernized operational model to help you drive efficiency and scale growth.

  • Embrace fluid and robust workflows across your Network, Cloud, and Security.
  • Enjoy unprecedented performance and obliterate SLAs with ease.
  • Experience an unbeatable combination of AIOps + Managed Intelligence.