Transform your managed services business


Many of the largest and most successful service providers have turned to Netenrich to gain remarkable top-line growth and deliver great customer experiences. We help you deliver a broad array of technology management solutions, optimize service delivery operations for scale, improve service quality, and client satisfaction.

As a Managed Services Provider...

…you’re under constant pressure from rapidly evolving customer requirements and the growing complexity of client environments. At Netenrich, we understand your desire to find unique and powerful ways to optimize your operations and scale your business while maintaining a healthy margin from your recurring managed services offering.

While your managed services business provides the greatest opportunity for top line growth, it can also be one of your largest expense lines. Netenrich’s robust offering can serve as the backbone of your MSP operations, reduce costs, and power the transformation you need to deliver value to your clients, and profitably grow your business.


We are a world-class digital IT operations, transformation, and hybrid infrastructure management services provider. We’ve helped some of the largest and most successful managed service providers in North America transform their service operations and position themselves for growth and scale.

Move from effective to efficient

We enable MSPs to help your end-clients accomplish their business objectives, better serve their internal and external customers, and add value above utility to their business at reduced costs. We do this by helping you progress from being effective, to being efficient.

Transform your MSP operations

We leverage our comprehensive digital operations platform, AI, machine learning, and automation to help you transform your MSP operations and optimize your offering.

Drive financial returns and business valuation

We help increase your budget flexibility, provide the ability to invest in innovation, drive improved client satisfaction, and reduce recurring revenue churn that leads to revenue, profit, EBITDA improvement, and increased valuation.



You will grow your top line by

  • Driving maturity in your operations to move upmarket and serve larger clients
  • Optimizing your operations to achieve robust service consistency
  • Increasing client satisfaction and retention

You will improve your bottom line by

  • Reducing the cost of delivering services up to 40%
  • Optimizing the use of high-cost technical staff
  • Leveraging automation
  • Improving service margins

You will increase the valuation of your business by

  • Optimizing the key metrics used in valuation calculations
  • Growing your EBITDA through increased revenue growth and client retention
  • Reducing your costs
  • Positioning your business for scalable growth

Netenrich supports a comprehensive portfolio of the latest technologies including modern datacenter, modern network, hybrid cloud, managed security, unified communications, and DevOps.


Bring the most modern, comprehensive service portfolio to your clients:

  • Modern datacenter: VMWare, Hyper-V, Windows, Linux, storage fabric
  • Modern network and UC stack: SDN, SD-WAN, call management, contact center, core, phone, and application management
  • Cloud stack: Full public, private, and hybrid cloud management solutions featuring setup, monitoring, management, response, and remediation
  • Database management: MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, and others
  • Application management: Web servers, Active Directory, DNS, Citrix, Exchange, Office 365, and more
  • Extensive automation and run-book capabilities to drive efficiency and higher margins

Proactive patching, security patching, and firmware release management

Let’s be honest. Patching and endpoint updates are difficult to keep current. The drain on high-cost resources frustrates your teams and your clients. Improve your resource utilization—and your margins—by streamlining asset management with Netenrich automation and expertise. Stay on top of critical patching and security updates.

  • Proactive endpoint asset management and security
  • Antivirus updates
  • Proactive and preventive care

OEM Management and coordination

Netenrich spearheads collaboration with partners and OEM resources for fast resolution of issues. Deep IT operations intelligence and contextual collaboration allows for rapid identification and efficient, coordinated resolution of issues.


Automated move, add, change, delete (MACD) management

Managing MACD can be a chronic thorn in your team’s side. Alleviate the costly, repetitive drain on your staff and margins with Netenrich’s highly automated MACD management solutions:

  • Facilitate speedy creation, launch, and monetization of new services
  • Asset management
  • Service Catalog and SLA management

Full visibility, custom reporting and dashboards

Demonstrate the value of your offerings and business outcomes. Achieve full visibility across tools and clients, and customize the information you provide to advance upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

  • Contextual infrastructure insights and recommendations 
  • Automated reports for client presentations 
  • Complete asset availability and performance management 
  • Full suite of integrations into ITSM platforms that fit your business process 

Providing more value-added services to your client

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Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Trilix Tech


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