Discover hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructure, consolidate monitoring, and leverage AIOps to scale service delivery in harmony with business goals.

Keep up with hybrid IT environments

In an effort to create a high degree of scale and professionalism in enterprise business units, devices, applications, and software are controlled by operational groups and not by IT, sacrificing control for flexibility. Get complete and code-level visibility to eliminate shadow IT, while quickly identifying and remediating performance issues.


  • 95% of enterprise IT teams report that the lack of hybrid cloud visibility caused an application or network performance issue
  • Enterprises are struggling to implement seamless management and monitoring, for IT coverage across complex and expanding hybrid architectures
  • Focus on end-users, business services, and metrics that count, with service intelligence to manage IT service health
  • Enhance observability and reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) with AIOps. Seamlessly collate, contextualize, and correlate event data.


Eliminate blind spots in your IT environment. Get real-time insights into problems with expertise built over years of refining alerts by impact for informed decision making, effective service delivery, and superior customer experience.

  • End-to-end visibility of system availability and performance across applications, datacenters, clouds, and existing monitoring tools.
  • Track the health and performance of critical services at the core of your business.
  • Avoid ugly surprises and maintain SLAs with proactive asset management.

Multifaceted view for your cloud assets


Maintain service levels for vital IT services by monitoring, managing, and resolving incidents at speed and scale.

  • Restore services faster with automated workflows for incident response.  
  • Enable faster mean-time-to-detection with policy-based routing and integrated alerts for NOC teams via email, SMS, and Slack.
  • Identify alerts that matter, reduce noise, and focus on business-critical incidents with AIOps enhanced by human intelligence.

Reduce resolution time


Enable consistent processes with compliance-driven operations. Ensure operational scalability, security, and centralized governance.

  • Detect vulnerabilities, risks, network connectivity problems, or compliance violations with continuous 24×7 monitoring of key business processes.
  • Enable maintenance at scale with automation for execution of mundane and repetitive tasks, while reducing asset support and end-of-life risk.
  • Access to recorded activity for auditing, compliance, training, change management, or issue resolution.

Manage compliance at change velocity

50% reduction in alert noise


Restore services faster.

Automate maintenance at scale.

Faster MTTD for incidents.


Complete coverage for hybrid assets.

Focus on innovation.

Enable consistent IT compliance.

Customer experience

Deliver secure services.

Improve service availability.

Respond quickly to customer needs.

Seamlessly collate, contextualize, and correlate event data from all your systems, apps, and data pipelines to shine a light on the blind spots across your environment.

Enhance availability and optimize applications in your hybrid cloud ecosystem. Monitor at scale, remediate issues, and increase productivity.

Embrace fluid workflows and ensure that your teams, systems, and tools are in-sync and dedicated towards the common goal of delivering business value.