Leverage Netenrich’s CALMS Model (Collaboration, Automation, Lean, Measurement, and Sharing) to eliminate inefficiencies currently prevalent in your organization. Embrace fluid workflows and ensure that your teams, systems, and tools are in-sync and dedicated towards the common goal of delivering business value.

Are your workflows riddled with inefficiencies?

Traditional IT Ops structures lead to operational barriers making fluid collaboration impossible. Embrace agile and intelligent ops through Netenrich’s service-focused AIOps.


  • As per IDC, companies lose 20%-30% of their potential revenue every year due to inefficiencies.
  • As per Aberdeen, the average cost of downtime per hour is around $163,674.
  • For a 5-hour time frame, that’s a staggering $818,370.
  • Automate redundant tasks and enable your IT Ops to run a lean and flexible team at scale.


Breakthrough monolithic structures and empower your team to deliver unprecedented growth and stability to your organization. Provide full transparency into your IT ecosystem and quickly identify and address inefficiencies with our machine+expert offering.

  • Ensure consistent availability, performance, and system health of your organization by receiving full visibility across your apps, networks, tools, and systems.
  • Isolate critical alerts and gain a clear and contextual risk-assessment from our platform. Save valuable time and increase overall throughput by automating remediation for similar alerts in the future.
  • Desperate hiring and bloating up your budget to fill up supposed skill gaps is one of the worst-kept industry secrets. Our team of cross-platform expert analysts fill up these gaps and ensure benchmark performances across your IT Ops.

Achieve unprecedented speed


Netenrich improves your overall productivity by getting your fragmented organization to work together as a cohesive unit. Your team should focus solely on the tasks that they are good at. Our platform reduces the time spent on inane activities and allocates resources in line with what best suits your team’s skill and expertise level.

  • Eliminate countless hours of manual work by offloading redundant signals. Reduce alert fatigue and optimize response to critical incidents by focusing your attention on the right issues.
  • Netenrich’s service-focused AIOps combines structured and unstructured data to support a wide range of IT operational, organizational, and analytical use cases. Experience triage, troubleshooting, and incident resolution with higher speed and accuracy.
  • Allocate alerts to teammates based on their area of expertise. Netenrich supplements your staff with actionable, contextual, and cross-silo intel for speedier problem-solving.

Accentuate your positives

>40% Lower IT Ops costs


Your team focuses on the right tasks.

Our experts plugin your organizational skill gaps.

Reduce alert fatigue.


Your team can resolve a higher number of tickets.

Faster recovery from IT outage.

Reduced budget bloat.

Customer experience

Fewer disruptions.

Reliable support.

Improved end-to-end customer experience.

Netenrich’s platform shifts-left your IT Ops and helps you achieve efficient, low-cost, and faster operations.

Netenrich's Threat Intel Platform extracts continuously evolving cyber threat insights from billions of data points all over the web. Empower your SOC to remediate proactively.

Get access to the right technologies, people, and best-practices, for future-ready ops.