Get a comprehensive view of your entire hybrid IT landscape, from on-prem and multi-cloud, to SaaS subscriptions and shadow IT. Optimize your spending to eliminate wastage and reallocate savings to critical initiatives.

Redefine cost optimization

The digital revolution has led to IT managers being continually tasked with ways to save costs, while also being assigned more technology services to support. The swift adoption of on-demand cloud services is making IT managers take a completely new cost management approach. Cost optimization is a business-driven, continuous process to improve IT cost efficiency while maximizing business value.


  • By consolidating and standardizing tools and processes with a single platform, companies can have better control, better reliability, and a better ability to scale costs up and down, as needed.
  • Cloud-based virtualized software can cost less, take away on-prem maintenance costs, and be easier to change and manage.
  • SaaS products can reduce your labor costs by removing the setup and maintenance of an on-site server.
  • With initial costs better controlled, and assets better understood, companies can begin thinking of new ways to interact creatively in the digital world.


Get help to integrate, consolidate, and eliminate multiple tools in your environment. Use Netenrich’s solution for hybrid infrastructure monitoring, automation, and event management, to integrate all your point tools.

  • Save on maintenance and support, by rationalizing and merging point tools in alignment with business objectives.
  • Eliminate excessive and inefficient IT usage and spend patterns with detailed correlation between cost and demand.
  • Cut run costs and repurpose savings to fund innovation with continuous optimization techniques delivered by experts and driven by the Netenrich platform.

Start saving


Get access to talent on demand so you can run IT Ops to be lean and highly cost-efficient. The Netenrich platform helps you ramp skills quickly and provides access to skilled resources with deep and technology-agnostic expertise.

  • Optimize workforce costs by minimizing toil involved in routine tasks with automation and bots.
  • Drive cost efficiencies with scalable shared services delivery powered by the Netenrich platform.
  • Instant access to technical expertise assimilated over decades of supporting thousands of clients and complex IT environments.

Mitigate skill gaps


Enable IT to contribute to corporate cost savings. Leverage standardized best practices for support and service delivery to enhance productivity.

  • Increase speed and accuracy with machine learning workflows and runbook automation.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent in logging, researching, escalating, resolving, and reporting service-impacting issues by streamlining IT ops processes.
  • Eliminate firefighting with AI-guided problem identification and expert-driven remediation guidelines for resolution.

Streamline processes for better ROI

40%+ consolidated opex cost savings


Eliminate tool sprawl.

Optimize workforce.

Enhance automation.


Streamline IT processes.

Integrated tools.

Repurpose savings to fund innovation.

Customer experience

Ensure fewer disruptions.

Higher service adoption.

Promote new capabilities.

Improve RTO, RPO, and SLA adherence. Automate provisioning of database infrastructure, manage big data for scale and savings.

See how our AI-powered solutions protect your business, not just from current threats, but also from potential future threats.

Implement AIOps to reduce costs, streamline IT Ops, improve MTTR, and provide incredible customer experiences.