Leverage AIOps to automatically triage alerts and reduce the number of incidents that you must manage and resolve. When alerts and incidents don't need human intervention, you save costs.

Avoiding downtime

Incidents are unavoidable in today’s age of digital transformation, agile development, and growing security threats. While the resolution for each may differ, the need to find and trigger an incident response is imperative. Downtime has huge impact that extends beyond IT Ops. Revenue loss, bad publicity, poor customer experience, and the ability to compete are at risk. The longer the disruption, the bigger the risk. Empowering IT incident management with AIOps can significantly reduce costs, while minimizing disruptions.


  • $4 million is the current average cost of a breach, rising nearly 12% over the last five years.
  • 4% of global annual turnover or $22 million, whichever is greater, must be paid in penalties for compliance issues
  • Incident response processes should be well documented and communicated, establish concrete roles and responsibilities, and be reviewed and tested on a regular basis.
  • Extensive costs are incurred from lost business hours as employees divert efforts to resolve the breach.


Proactively address potential outages and ensure seamless customer experiences. Eliminate unplanned downtime to improve ROI and availability.

  • Reduce downtime costs by uncovering blind spots in your systems, apps, and data pipelines with the Netenrich stack-agnostic platform, powered by expert insights.
  • Get a holistic view of your system’s health by collecting data and tracking incidents, minimizing ad-hoc analysis, and service disruptions.
  • View actionable insights for cost reduction and better ROI by integrating data from disparate sources into a single data model.

Predict and prevent


Uncover hidden relationships and get to the details on how outages may be linked to configuration changes. Faster incident triage and response saves valuable time of your high-value IT staff.

  • Aggregate and rationalize alerts across your tool stack and view relevant insights in a single dashboard.
  • Eliminate alert noise, save time and costs with platform-guided automated remediation for recurring issues.
  • Improve mean time to detect (MTTD), reduce firefighting, and restore services faster through better context from your incident data.

Improve MTTR


Consistently meet SLAs, drive ROI, and ease infrastructure, application and service management with end-to-end performance monitoring and event management.

  • Improve service availability, mean time to repair (MTTR), and collaboration, by prioritizing event resolution by business impact.
  • Enable automation capabilities for predictive service management through autoclassification, assignment.
  • Reduce costs and improve service productivity by eliminating silos between ITOM and ITSM and preventing business-impacting issues.

Strive for SLAs

40%+ reduction in IT ops costs


Improve service availability.

Eliminate alert noise.

Reduce MTTR.


Automate recurring issues.

View actionable insights.

Save IT staff time.

Customer experience

Meet SLAs.

Improve brand loyalty.

Better service reliability.

Manage MTTR and eliminate noise with effective baselining and dynamic thresholds.

Shift-left by automatically handling mundane tasks bogging down your IT Ops.

Get expert cloud cost optimization insights to increase accountability and improve multi-cloud efficiency.