The Netenrich Virtual NOC solution helps you reduce the anxieties of a NOC-less world with always-on resilient business services.

Our proprietary AIOps platform delivers service-focused monitoring and management, 24x7 support, and brings the expertise of operating IT for thousands of customers and millions of devices.

Disruptions fueling remote operations

Increasing business demands, global uncertainties, and evolving employee preferences have changed the face of IT operations. It’s not easy to ensure service uptime and availability when you’ve vacated your on-premises network operations center (NOC). Remote operations and virtual collaboration are the new normal, while businesses try to address concerns of availability, customer experience, innovation, and resource utilization.


  • 47% of companies who moved from in-house NOCs to a remote setup saw a 23% decrease in network efficiency and reliability
  • Enable optimal performance by making sure external threats don’t impair the network.
  • Collaboration between operational teams helps to pinpoint root cause faster and breakdown silos
  • Proactively find and resolve problems before it impacts customers and the business.

Get complete coverage

Get real-time insights into problems with full IT coverage across infrastructure and operations.

  • Leverage our platform and get access to expertise, built over years of refining alerts by impact, for informed decision making, effective service delivery, and superior customer experience.
  • Identify and eliminate blind spots across your hybrid infrastructure, maintain SLAs, and get actionable insights for faster and smarter decisions.
  • Proactively detect issues before it impacts your business. Get end-to-end visibility of system availability and performance across apps, data centers, clouds, and existing monitoring tools.

Drive efficiency

Facilitate an efficient, effective, and accurate NOC by leveraging AIOps to eliminate false positives and technology experts to validate and enrich true positives.

  • Free up your staff to focus on customer-critical events and incidents, as they occur.
  • Reduce MTTR (Mean time to resolution) and resolve problems faster with policy-based, automated responses into incident management workflows using native monitoring, ITSM integrations, and automation.
  • Eliminate silos and switching between multiple tools with a single pane view while contextual insights drive faster and collaborative problem solving during major incident management.

Track and eliminate redundancies

The financial implications of IT service assurance are critical to businesses, now more than ever.

  • Get more bang for your buck with predictable and outcome-driven pricing.
  • Enable a 24/7 NOC without additional CapEx investments.
  • Leverage runbook and workflow automation for cost savings, higher quality, and speed of ops, while scoring and auto-assignment of relevant people and bots ease collaboration.
50% alert noise reduction


Achieve always-on resilient business services.

Leverage switching between multiple tools.

Breakdown silos.


Reduce CapEx investments.

Increase cost savings with runbook automation.

Improve MTTR.

Customer experience

Reduce service outages.

Provide integrated experiences.

Increase service reliability.


Get access to the right technologies, people, and best-practices, for future-ready ops.

Monitor assets across your network and ensure readiness, availability, and uptimes.

Netenrich’s platform shifts-left your IT Ops and helps you achieve efficient, low-cost, and faster operations.