Manage unpredictable ops for emerging digital landscapes with access to proprietary technology, best practices, and highly-skilled personnel.


Implement AIOps to reduce costs, streamline IT Ops, improve MTTR, and provide incredible customer experiences. Our platform helps you leverage machine learning to manage modern IT architectures, containers, elastic clouds, microservices, and virtual machines, with ease.

AIOps + managed intelligence

Ensure an always-on environment with a focus on maintenance, security, resilience, and reliability of critical IT systems and distributed applications. Guarantee access to your apps and software when your user community needs them the most.

Comprehensive monitoring

Reduce outages with complete monitoring. Triage, track, and attack problem areas with meaningful information so organizations can readily identify, investigate, and solve performance and availability issues.


The Netenrich platform leverages the tenets of site reliability engineering (SRE) to work as an arbiter between Dev and Ops teams for faster identification of factors impacting performance, availability, and reliability.

Site reliability engineering

Bring together site reliability engineering (SRE) metrics and digital experience monitoring to meet service level objectives. Leverage the SRE mindset to know service level indicators, eliminate toil through automation, breakdown organizational siloes, and manage risks.

Agile IT

Configure dynamic environments swiftly, form cross-functional teams, and simplify processes to operationalize consistent adoption of Agile.

Unmatched visibility

Continuously monitor your network and assets whether hybrid data center, cloud, or on-prem – identify and eliminate blind spots, find and fix ageing assets that open you up to exploits, and be alerted on current emerging, potential, and even to-be threats.

Our comprehensive monitoring services coupled with machine learning based contextual intelligence helps your team map the entire network and establish a productive digital workplace. Netenrich delivers a single pane of glass for modern IT operations to improve response time and accuracy while doing away with manual swivel-chair interfaces.

Lean IT Ops

Netenrich grants you access to a skilled workforce that can scale up or flex down as you navigate seasonality and dynamic workloads to deliver continuous system availability. Do away with expensive bench resources and leverage on-demand access to fill skill gaps across your IT Ops.

Our AI-enabled diagnostics help you trim manual effort in baselining and root cause analysis and dedicate your lean workforce to more business-critical activities optimizing utilization.

Upgrade and modernize IT

Deliver the best service experience for your customers. Build or migrate to cloud-based servers, manage and upgrade all network components, modernize apps with microservices and containers, and leverage agile DevOps to manage migrations and upgrades across your IT infrastructure.

Netenrich expertise, tools, methodologies, and 15+ years of experience managing IT complexities will minimize change risk and accelerate modernization.

Richard R. Reynoso VP of Managed IT Services, UDT
Netenrich helped us improve our SLAs for MTTR (Mean Time To Resolution) significantly. As a result, for one of our production environments at a highly regulated financial institution, our average MTTR went from 4 hours to less than 30 minutes over the period 6 months -- i.e. a MTTR reduction of 87.5%.


Get access to 140+ integrations and seamlessly leverage your existing IT infra.